Spoilers for the Week of August 03, 2020

08/06/2020 02:21 pm

Ridge memory returns B&B

In Soaps.com’s newest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday August 3 to Friday August 7, Sally seeks forgiveness but receives a lecture, Steffy deals with the aftermath of her accident, and Ridge begins to remember startling details from Vegas.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 3:

In the latest Deconstructing B&B, irritated with Flo, entertained by Bill and Ridge, and sensing Steffy’s next storyline a mile out.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, bad news, blacked out memories & betrayal, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

The latest soap opera news includes upsetting exits, stolen identity, major recasts and much more.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday August 3:

Sally expresses regret B&B

In Monday’s B&B recap, Wyatt decides not to press charges but wants Sally to go away, while Steffy is encouraged to take pain medication.

Sally pleads with Wyatt for forgiveness.

Steffy is told she’ll take weeks to heal.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday August 4:

Katie hears story B&B

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Steffy’s encouraged to take medication and Katie confronts Sally.

Casting shocker as Bold and Beautiful’s Courtney Hope announces exit as Sally Spectra.

Liam, Hope, and Beth get ready to welcome Steffy when she comes home from the hospital.

Wyatt and Flo update Katie on Sally’s lie.

Sally Spectra gallery, plus fans react to Courtney Hope’s exit as Sally Spectra with anger and disappointment.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday August 5:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Thomas returns and Brooke wants to move forward with Ridge, who thinks of Vegas.

Sally gets a lecture from Katie about using her to get to Wyatt.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Thursday August 6:

Finn looks at Steffy B&B

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Ridge makes a decision about Brooke, Shauna returns for good, and Steffy welcomes a house call.

Steffy is enamored by her doctor, Finn, who makes an unexpected house call.

Ridge grows uneasy as he begins to recall moments from his black-out night with Shauna in Vegas.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Friday August 7:

Shauna returns to L.A. from Vegas with bombshell news for Ridge.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 10:

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday August 10:

Seeing that Steffy is hurting, Thomas urges her to take her pain medication.

Also coming up on Bold and Beautiful the week of August 10:

Hope and Zoe agree to put the past behind them and team up on the Hope for the Future line.

Eric updates Donna on what happened with Brooke and Shauna.

Ridge distances himself by staying late at the office.

Also coming up on Bold and Beautiful:

Thomas returns after doing some soul-searching and is in a different place after thinking about his past actions. He’ll make peace with Steffy and feels bad he wasn’t there at the time of the accident. Thomas has been talking to Ridge while away and has checked in with Douglas, who is with Hope and Liam. He’s ready to move past the obsession with Hope.

Quinn swears Shauna to secrecy about what they did.

Brooke and Ridge are reunited.

Flo and Wyatt are happy to be back together.

Steffy’s intrigued by her doctor when he makes a house call.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers from Brad Bell interview in SOD:

The reveal of Ridge’s marriage to Shauna will be a blow to Brooke. Ridge will take the commitment seriously, Shauna will want to make a go of it, and Quinn wants Shauna with Ridge.

Finn will be immediately taken with Steffy and will add to the dynamic with Steffy/Hope/Liam. Steffy has a big battle ahead.

Zende will be in the mix with Zoe and Carter. The Avants, including Nicole and Maya, will be seen throughout the fall. Zende will be involved with a business storyline surrounding the Forrester boutique.

Ridge and Bill’s rivalry will continue to flare with Steffy in the middle.

– Candace Young

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