Spoilers for the Week of April 06, 2020

04/08/2020 04:00 pm

Brooke searches for Ridge Bold and Beautiful

In Soaps.com’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Brooke won’t give up on Ridge, Flo’s onto Sally, and Shauna falls deeper in love as she spends time with Ridge in Vegas. Visit this page each week for new spoiler videos.

Hallmark lovers can read the 10th Aurora Teagarden Mystery recapped by one of our writers called A Game of Cat and Mouse. It’ll draw you in!

Dive into this romantic time travel series, Outlander with the recapped pilot episode, Sassenach.

The latest soap opera casting includes B&B’s new Forrester pilot and messages to fans.

Tune in alert! Join All My Children stars for the John Callahan tribute on iHub Radio.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers week of April 6:

In the latest Deconstructing B&B, Candace sours on Sally’s storyline, doesn’t understand the need for history to constantly repeat itself and hopes for fun in Vegas.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, disturbing news, drastic measures & desperate pleas, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the weekly B&B spoiler video, Sally ups her dying charade to win Wyatt.

The latest soap opera news includes thrillers, reunions, and nostalgia, as well as a move for a former CBS soap star.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday April 6:

Wyatt romantic surprise Sally Bold and Beautiful

In Monday’s B&B recap, Sally manipulates Wyatt by telling him she need something to live for and Flo wonders if Dr. Escobar is keeping something from her.

Absolutely hilarious! Read our Grace and Frankie episode one recap teaser to see if could be your next binge-watch.

Zoe and Steffy discuss the strange situation with Sally, Flo, and Wyatt.

Flo pays Dr. Escobar a surprise visit to get answers about Sally’s illness.

The CW primetime teasers! A musical, battling demons and a General Hospital alum directed episode.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s highlights for Bold and Beautiful storylines featured a plea to stay.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday April 7:
Sally gives Wyatt ultimatum Bold and Beautiful

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Flo warns Wyatt Sally’s emotionally blackmailing him, while Katie and Steffy discuss Sally’s situation.

Sally agrees to treatment in exchange for something from Wyatt.

Flo spots something suspicious during her conversation with Dr. Escobar.

In the emotional series finale Hawaii Five-0 recap, Danny is abducted, and McGarrett says aloha to the Five-0 team.

Connor and Michaela face life in prison while Annalise heads to Mexico in the How to Get Away With Murder recap.

CBS soap alum Forrest Compton has passed away.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday April 8:

Shauna, Ridge make suggestions Bold and Beautiful

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Eric isn’t happy with Quinn who needles Brooke over Ridge and Shauna, who enjoy spending time together in Vegas.

Quinn does damage control in her relationship with Eric.

Ridge and Shauna’s connection becomes undeniable while in Vegas together.

Video interview of Robert Newman addressing a Guiding Light reunion and remembering Josh and Reva.

Six addictive telenovelas you’ll love watching featuring revenge, murder, a love triangle involving a mother and daughter, a love triangle involving a man and his clone and more!

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Thursday April 9:

Bill visits Brooke Bold and Beautiful

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Ridge passionately kisses Shauna when she encourages him to go back to Brooke, Donna urges Katie to reconsider her stance and Bill visits Brooke.

Katie nixes Donna’s push for her to forgive Brooke.

Brooke recalls romantic times with Ridge while trying to find him.

Trailer! Soap opera alums in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Walkway Joe movie about a loner and a pool hall hustler.

Watch as Maura West, Martha Bryne, Michael Park and more ATWT alum went live on YouTube to reminisce about their time on the CBS soap opera.

Congrats! Read 10 things to know about B&B’s Don Diamont as he celebrates 35 years on CBS soaps.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Friday April 10:

Sally gives Wyatt ultimatum Bold and Beautiful

In B&B’s flashback Friday episode, Quinn pushes Ivy off a bridge in Paris. Chime in with your thoughts about Sally duping Wyatt.
Watch the Guiding Light cast reunite for live streaming event to reminisce on their time in Springfield.

Relive the scandalous hookups, sordid pasts and shocking death in the premiere episode recap of The CW’s Dynasty.

Relive the 80s with our recap of the original Dallas pilot, as JR tried to sabotage Bobby’s new marriage to Pam, and young Lucy engaged in a scandalous affair!

Also coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this week:

Flo becomes suspicious when Sally refuses to pursue any kind of treatment and she finds Escobar’s sketches of clothing designs when she pays her a visit.

Wyatt and Sally make a quid pro quo promise.

Ridge and Shauna make a pact while in Vegas.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Recap! Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Roe is targeted in a game of cat and mouse.

Recap: Netflix’s Virgin River is a perfect binge-watch for soap fans with instant chemistry between the leads.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers week of April 13:

Wyatt struggles as Flo decides Sally should be asked to move out.

Brooke discovers Ridge is in Vegas as he and Shauna embark on a wild night on the town.

Sally works to hide her true feelings about Flo.

Flo takes her detective work to the next level in order to confirm her suspicions about Sally as she sneaks a peek at Sally’s records on Dr. Escobar’s laptop.

Quinn refuses to apologize to Katie for outing Bill and Brooke.

Quinn is threatened by Bill.

Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier joins Bold and Beautiful as Matt.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers week of April 20:

Dr. Escobar makes a game-changing decision.

Katie and Bill have a candid discussion about their relationship.

Titanic, Forrest Gump and more iconic films to air during CBS’s Sunday Night at the Movies.

– Candace Young

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