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Spoilers for the Week of June 03, 2019

06/06/2019 03:41 pm

Liam confronts Thomas Bold and Beautiful

In’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Flo and Zoe’s troubles increase as Xander learns their secret, and Brooke fears her daughter is making a grave mistake as she and Liam prepare to go through with an annulment. Please return to this page weekly for new spoiler videos.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 3:

In the latest Deconstructing B&B, the baby storyline continued to drag while Xander of all people became the latest person to find out the truth, and the stakes of Wyatt falling for “honest” Flo remained too low.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, rage, desperation & murderous desire, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the weekly B&B Spoiler Video: Xander plans to reveal the truth about Beth as Liam and Hope prepare to sign annulment papers.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Darin Brooks, Eric Martsolf & Christel Khalil.

B&B spoilers for Monday June 3:

Hope removes her wedding ring on Bold and BeautifulIn Monday’s B&B recap, Hope takes off her wedding ring and kisses Liam goodbye, as Thomas urges Steffy to fight for Liam, and Xander wants to tell the truth.

Thomas cues Steffy to reflect on her special moments with Liam.

Xander and Zoe’s relationship is tested after she comes clean about her secret.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s Bold and Beautiful storyline highlights featured reflections of the past.

B&B spoilers for Tuesday June 4:

Brooke warns Hope Bold and BeautifulIn Tuesday’s B&B recap, Ridge tells Liam Steffy needs him, but Liam thinks she’s remarkable for that, while Wyatt is impressed with Flo’s “compassion.”

Flo is overcome with guilt when she hears news about Hope and Liam’s marriage.

Ridge plays devil’s advocate with Brooke regarding their children’s relationships.

Congratulations! Bold and Beautiful is nominated for a Golden Nymph Award with stars set to attend the festival in Monte Carlo.

Fun interview! Darin Brooks & Kelly Kruger talk pregnancy mood swings and how they figured out they were expecting.

B&B spoilers for Wednesday June 5:

Xander presses Flo on Bold and BeautifulIn Wednesday’s B&B recap, Carter delivers annulment papers to Liam as Wyatt urges his brother to fight for his marriage, and Thomas continues to emotionally manipulate Hope.

Thomas pushes back when Carter offers Hope advice about her marriage.

Xander’s argument with Zoe and Flo ends with him making a significant threat.

Are you shipping Wyatt and Flo? Vote in our B&B poll.

Bold and Beautiful alum Jack Wagner in Wedding March 5, part of Hallmark’s 2019 June Weddings movie premieres.

B&B spoilers for Thursday June 6:

In today’s B&B recap, Xander bursts in on Hope and Liam as they’re about to sign annulment papers, and Flo is torn.

Knowing intuitively that something is off, Brooke pleads with Hope to reconsider ending her marriage.

Liam squares off with Thomas over his selfishness.

Get the latest casting news for B&B and all soaps.

Watch video interviews of Katrina Bowden at the Bloom Summit with Y&R stars talking health and wellness.

Fans of the defunct soap can meet and reminisce with the cast on the Santa Barbara reuion cruise.

B&B spoilers for Friday June 7:

Flo and Zoe realize they’re forever connected by Reese’s terrible act and argue again.

Xander interrupts Hope and Liam as they’re about to sign annulment papers.

Full schedule: Hallmark’s Christmas in July features soap alums in holiday movies.

Like Joanna Johnson who played dual roles on B&B, several actors played more than one character on the same soap. Take a look and refresh your memory!

More Bold and Beautiful spoilers…

Xander is stunned upon hearing Zoe’s secret with Flo and demands that she tell the truth, that Phoebe is Beth. Xander examines his relationship with Zoe after being kept in the dark so long, and a side of him not seen before comes out.

Hope contacts Carter to prepare annulment papers.

Coming up on Bold and Beautiful…

Steffy provides comfort to Liam following his annulment.

Flo panics after she accidentally reveals information to Thomas.

Thomas accuses Flo of lying.

Liam moves back in with Steffy.

Zoe refuses to join in Flo’s plan to come clean.

Thomas struggles with whether or not to reveal what he now knows.

Wyatt wants answers from Flo, Zoe and Xander.

Thomas makes a shocking decision.

Bold and Beautiful summer previews:

Look for romance, family bonds, rivalries, secrets, new villains, and a huge thriller.

The baby swap storyline takes a dark turn before the truth comes out.

Though Hope will finally learn the truth about Phoebe, more people uncover the secret beforehand.

The truth is revealed with a major cliffhanger – and not everyone will make it out alive.

– Candace Young


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