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Spoilers for the Week of February 04, 2019

02/08/2019 09:09 am

taylor at steffy's house

In’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, as Hope meets Steffy’s adoptive baby and feels a connection, Zoe becomes suspicious about her father’s activities and has some tough questions for Florence when she finds her at her dad’s apartment. Please return to this page each week for new preview videos.

In the newest Deconstructing B&B, lack of conflict makes the adoption story more surreal.

B&B spoilers for Thursday January 31:

In today’s B&B recap, Hope sends Liam to Steffy’s, and Reese pays his debt.

Ridge and Brooke find Steffy's speedy adoption process to be suspicious.

Reese makes an appeal to keep his daughter safe as he pays his debt.

B&B spoilers for Friday February 1:

In today's B&B recap, Hope holds her daughter for the first time, and Reese pays Florence.

Brooke's concerned after Hope urges Liam to spend time with Steffy, Kelly, and the baby.

Reese tells Florence his future plans and she's overwhelmed by her role in his scheme.

Catch up with all of January's casting news on the soaps with our monthly round-up.

B&B spoilers for week of February 4:

In this week's Soaps Spoiler Digest, manipulated, emotional, and in danger, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the weekly B&B Spoiler Video: Zoe questions Florence about her father's activities and involvement with Steffy's baby.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Katherine Kelly Lang, Eric Braeden, and Carolyn Hennesy.

Vote in this week's B&B poll: Describe the baby switch storyline.

B&B spoilers for Monday February 4:

In today’s B&B recap, Zoe’s distraught about Reese’s departure, and Hope bonds with the baby.

Hope holds the baby Steffy adopted for the first time.

Zoe is stunned by Reese's announcement about their future.

B&B alums in exciting new projects! Including Kim Matula’s movie with The Rock, Jacob Young and Robin Riker in a new film, and more.

Soaps Roundup: Last week's Bold and the Beautiful storyline highlights feature an adoption.

Fun photos and clips! B&B stars celebrate Super Bowl LIII.

B&B spoilers for Tuesday February 5:

In today’s B&B recap, Hope returns to Forrester Creations and gets good news, while Zoe heads to Reese's flat and encounters Flo.

Vote in this week's all soaps poll! Biggest shocks in last week's soaps?

Ridge has questions for Steffy and Taylor.

While searching her father's apartment, Zoe encounters Florence.

Welcome to the jungle... Katherine Kelly Lang takes a B&B break to film a reality series.

B&B spoilers for Wednesday February 6:

In today’s B&B recap, Hope flashes back to Catalina and breaks down, Brooke meets the baby, and Zoe grills Flo.

Zoe wants answers from Flo.

Brooke drops in on Steffy and has questions about Taylor's connection to the adopted baby's birth mother.

There's a new face at Forrester Creations when Kelleth Cuthbert, the Golden Globes' Fiji Water Girl, appears on B&B as a model named Raine.

Soap alum Carmen Duncan passed away at 76.

In alum news, Jacob Young joins AMC reunion, Susan Lucci had a health scare, and more.

B&B spoilers for Thursday February 7:

In today’s B&B recap, Sally & Wyatt notice Phoebe resembles Kelly, and Xander gets an update on Florence from Zoe.

Wyatt and Sally notice the resemblance between Kelly and Phoebe.

Liam breaks down to Hope, confessing his guilty feelings over Beth's death.

More B&B spoilers...

The instant connection Hope feels with Steffy's adoptive baby, who is actually her own presumed-dead daughter, takes away the grief and loss she's been feeling for the first time.

Zoe believes Reese is in trouble or is guilty of foul play. Florence remains conflicted.

B&B February Sweeps from SOD:

Hope and Liam feel a connection to Steffy's adopted baby. Liam vows to be a good husband to Hope and a good father and support for Steffy, Kelly, and the new baby, which may be easier said than done.

Hope returns to work at Forrester Creations and is welcomed by Brooke and Ridge.

Zoe becomes suspicious after Reese flees Los Angeles, confronts Florence, and, along with Xander, does some detective work and begins to put the pieces together.

Katie plans a romantic Valentine's Day for Thorne, but he shocks her with a bombshell.

Sally and Wyatt celebrate Valentine's Day in the bedroom.


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