Spoilers for the Week of November 26, 2018

11/28/2018 02:15 pm

hope touches liam's face

In Soaps.com’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Taylor’s back and her stability’s in question as she worries about Bill keeping his promise and confronts several people. Also, a not-so-welcome visitor arrives from overseas. Please visit this page each week for teasers from the weekly videos.

In the latest Deconstructing B&B, further clashes are sure to follow Thanksgiving; thoughts on the entertainment with Pam, Quinn, and Donna, and the dead love triangle.

B&B spoilers for Thursday November 22:

Bold and Beautiful will not be seen today due to NFL football.

Next week, Taylor returns to worry about Bill and confront the Logans. Hit the link to share your thoughts on what will happen during her latest visit.

B&B spoilers for Friday November 23:

Bold and the Beautiful will not be seen today due to the CBS Sports Spectacular and NCAA Football: SEC.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of November 26:

In the weekly B&B Spoiler Video: Steffy promises to protect Taylor’s secret, Wayne Brady joins the show, and Liam’s actions stun Steffy.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, threats, upsets, and awful news, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Eric Braeden, Ashley Jones, and Kate Mansi.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday November 26:

In today’s B&B recap, Taylor fears Bill will send her to prison, and Detective Sanchez and Justin question Bill.

Taylor recalls the night she shot Bill and becomes afraid that he will turn her in to the police.

Brooke and Liam talk about the change in Bill.

Liam remarks on Brooke's faith in his father.

View 25 photos of Bold and the Beautiful stars at the 2018 Hollywood Christmas Parade and be sure to DVR its December television air date.

Heartbreaking videos! Tracy Melchior seeks help on Dr. Phil for mom's hoarding disorder.

Soaps Roundup: Bold and the Beautiful storyline highlights from last week’s episodes.

B&B spoilers for Tuesday November 27:

In today’s B&B recap, Liam wants Taylor kept away from Kelly, and Taylor confronts both Bill and Hope.

Steffy and Liam have a disagreement about Taylor and her role in Kelly's life.

Taylor confronts Hope about taking Steffy's office and husband away from her.

B&B spoilers for Wednesday November 28:

In today’s B&B recap, hope learns Taylor shot Bill, and Bill warns Steffy to keep her mother in check.

Liam catches Taylor lashing out at Hope.

Bill informs Steffy that he's losing patience with Taylor.

DVR alerts: Tune in for Hallmark's Thanksgiving movie premieres.

B&B spoilers for Thursday November 29:

In today’s B&B recap, Taylor screams at Brooke, causing Hope to intervene, while Steffy’s stunned to hear what Liam told Hope.

Hope is stunned when Liam confides that Taylor shot Bill.

Taylor squares off with Brooke about bullying Steffy and vows not to let history repeat itself with their daughters.

Congratulations! B&B's Theodora Greece shares exciting engagement news.

B&B spoilers for Friday November 30:

Zoe is irritated by the arrival of her father, as Wayne Brady joins B&B as Dr. Reese Buckingham.

Taylor updates Steffy and Liam on her confrontations with Hope and Brooke.

Hope decides to protect her mother.

Big Brother houseguest Angela Rummans appears on B&B today.

More B&B spoilers:

Justin and Detective Sanchez are both puzzled over Bill’s lack of concern about his attempted murder.

Taylor learns Det. Sanchez re-opened Bill's murder case after his fall and becomes paranoid.

Coming up on B&B...

Brooke is shocked to find out Taylor shot Bill.

Donna talks to Pam about her obsession with replacing Quinn with Donna in Eric's life.

Taylor gets into it with Liam and Brooke while putting Hope on notice - she sees her as an opportunist like her mother.

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