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Spoilers for the Week of September 24, 2018

09/27/2018 02:14 pm

In’s newest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, a wedding takes place, and then Katie and Bill’s custody case goes to court, with family members taking sides to testify. Please visit this page daily for new teasers in the spoiler videos.

In the newest Deconstructing B&B, Ridge & Bill’s verbal sparring was a huge hit with fans.

Friday September 21:

In today’s B&B recap, Thorne and Katie decide to marry before the hearing.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 24:

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Jennifer Gareis, Tyler Christopher, and Melissa Claire Egan.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, copious confessions and frustrating facts, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the weekly B&B Spoiler Video: Bill calls a surprise witness at the custody hearing.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday September 24:

In today’s B&B recap, Ridge catches Bill confronting Katie, and Eric calls Ridge out on his motives.

In Monday’s B&B video, Eric calls Ridge out, and Brooke spends more time at Spencer.

Brooke is unaware that Ridge is pressuring Judge McMullen.

Bill decides to make an unannounced visit to Katie.

Soaps Roundup: Bold and the Beautiful storyline highlights from last week’s episodes.

B&B spoilers for Tuesday September 25:

Photo Gallery! In today’s B&B recap, Thorne & Katie marry, as Bill struggles not to stop the wedding.

Wanting to be a family before the court hearing, Thorne and Katie get married.

Justin worries about Bill becoming unhinged as Katie weds Thorne.

Family joins Katie on her wedding day as Ashley Jones returns to B&B as Bridget, and Jennifer Gareis is back on contract at B&B as Donna.

Soap alum news! Ashlyn Pearce directs music video

B&B spoilers for Wednesday September 26:

In today’s B&B recap, Ridge fumes at Brooke testifying for Bill, and Bill pays Wyatt and Liam a visit to ask for help.

In Wednesday’s B&B video, Ridge will ensure Katie gets full custody, and Katie laments how complicated everything has become.

Loved ones and family members are on opposite sides of Katie and Bill’s custody battle.

Bill meets with Wyatt and Liam, and tries to persuade Liam to support him.

B&B spoilers for Thursday September 27:

B&B was pre-empted for CBS news coverage.

B&B spoilers for Friday September 28:

In today’s B&B recap, Justin suggests Katie’s being used by the Forrester brothers, and Liam admits Bill struck him.

In Friday’s B&B video, Justin throws doubt on court proceedings, and Carter comes for Bill in his opening statement.

Bill’s past transgressions are used against him in court.

Wyatt and Brooke fret before testifying in court on Bill’s behalf.

Coming up on B&B…

Judge McMullen rules on the custody case.

Fall Preview for B&B…

Brooke and Ridge remain involved in both the personal and professional lives of their daughters. They will be challenged by Steffy and Hope’s conflict, as well as by past loves.

Eric and Quinn are caught up in the struggle between Hope and Steffy’s visions at work.

Bill squares off against Katie and Thorne in a heart-wrenching custody battle over Will.

Liam will follow an interesting path now that the decisions regarding his love life have been made, and there will be challenges.

Sally rises from the ashes and aims for success at Forrester Creations with Wyatt’s loving support.

Emma will have her hands full with Zoe, who will use her sexuality in her determination to get what she wants – Xander – but there will be twists.

Familiar faces will return, and new faces will appear.

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– Candace Young


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