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Spoilers for the Week of March 26, 2018

03/29/2018 02:10 pm

The action in this week’s B&B spoilers surrounds the reaction of Ridge’s family after he’s put behind bars for shooting Bill. While some try to convince Bill he’s jumped to the wrong conclusion, suspicion may begin to fall on someone new. Meanwhile, Steffy continues to have difficulties with Hope being back in Liam’s life, and the two clash.

In this week’s B&B blog, we talk Bill pinpointing Ridge as the shooter, which seems a little fishy, dish on Detective Sanchez, and bemoan the dreaded triangle.

Friday March 23:

In the B&B recap, Brooke grilled Bill in his hospital bed while Ridge was booked down at the police station, and Maya grew concerned about Pam.

Week of March 26:

In the latest B&B Weekly Spoiler Video, Steffy demands the truth from Bill, and Quinn insists Ridge is innocent.

In this week’s Spoiler digest, nostagia, nastiness, and damage control, we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Monday March 26:

In today’s B&B Recap, Thorne wants to run Forrester in Ridge’s absence, Hope doles out advice, and Liam has a flash of memory.

In Monday’s B&B promo: Thorne thinks like the cops when it comes to Ridge’s guilt, Liam wants Hope’s advice, and Steffy believes Bill has suffered enough.

Detective Sanchez refuses to budge as Carter pleads on Ridge’s behalf.

Hope urges Liam to do right by Steffy, despite her own feelings.

Tuesday March 27:

In today’s B&B recap, Liam worries he shot Bill as a sickening realization dawns on him.

In Tuesday’s B&B video, Bill’s proud Ridge’s bullet didn’t take him down, while Steffy and Liam rehash the night of the shooting.

Brooke is determined to prove Ridge’s innocence.

Steffy wants Liam’s help in persuading Bill that Ridge didn’t shoot him.

Wednesday March 28:

In Wednesday’s B&B Recap, Sanchez suspects Quinn shot Bill, while Hope and Steffy argue, and Liam works himself into a full on panic.

In the latest B&B video, Hope blames Steffy for causing the recent tragedy and drama.

Eric takes note of Quinn’s response to Ridge’s arrest.

Hope and Steffy clash over Liam.

Exclusive! Patrika Darbo confirms Spectra family’s B&B exit as Shirley, Darlita, and Saul all say goodbye for now. Hopefully it’s not the last we’ll see of the Spectra gang!

The annual awards show soap opera fans wait for each year will take place in April. Before the ceremony many actors will arrive at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California to meet General Hospital’s Carolyn Hennesy as host of the 45th Daytime Emmy Red Carpet show. It’ll be a glamorous event as stars of daytime television dress to impress.

Thursday March 29:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Liam confesses to shooting Bill, which shocks Hope, while Brooke pays Bill another in-hospital visit.

In today’s B&B video, Liam unravels over flashbacks of Bill’s shooting, Brooke’s concerned, and Eric and Quinn are upset with Sanchez.

Detective Sanchez grills Quinn at Forrester Creations.

Brooke levels accusations at Bill about why he named Ridge as his shooter.

Friday March 30:

Thorne pays Ridge a visit in jail to reassure him of the family’s support.

Steffy and Thorne are stunned when Ridge acts to protect Quinn.

In the latest B&B video, Brooke demands the truth from Ridge, and Hope tells Liam he is innocent.


Steffy secretly has doubts about Ridge’s innocence.

Detective Sanchez continues to look at other suspects despite having arrested Ridge.

Steffy irks Hope by confronting her at the wrong time.

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Liam presses Bill to make a decision.

Wyatt and Katie try to move ahead in their relationship.

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