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Spoilers for the Week of February 12, 2018

02/16/2018 01:28 pm

B&B Blog on Stephanie’s ‘return’

Recap: Stephanie’s message

Week of February 12:

Monday February 12:

B&B Recap: Wyatt & Katie split

Video: Wyatt calls it quits with Katie

After witnessing a stolen kiss, Wyatt realizes his feelings and makes a bold suggestion to Katie.

Ridge and Brooke wonder how Stephanie would feel about them remarrying.

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Tuesday February 13:

B&B Recap: Steffy wants answers

B&B Video: Katie updates Thorne

Steffy is taken off guard by Hope’s frank discussion about the past.

After flirting with Katie, Thorne mistakenly grabs her phone.

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Wednesday February 14:Rick-Maya-steam-BB-CBS

B&B Recap: Rick & Maya’s steamy Valentine’s Day

B&B Video: Hope’s plans

Steffy wants answers when Hope reveals her feelings for Liam.

Rick and Maya heat up the steam room.

Ridge and Brooke have sexy time.

Hope comforts Liam.

Liam receives a sweet present from Steffy.

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Thursday February 15:

B&B Recap: Thorne’s discovery

B&B Video: Hope appeals to Liam

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After learning Katie’s been seeing Wyatt, Thorne makes his move.

Liam receives a selfless request from Hope with regard to Steffy.

Friday February 16:

B&B Spoiler Video: Katie protests too much

Thorne comes clean with Katie.

Liam shares a close moment with Steffy at the ultrasound.

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Steffy and Hope have a candid conversation about Liam.

Hope brings Steffy and Liam together for a doctor’s appointment.

Wyatt is hurt after seeing Katie kissing Thorne.

Wyatt tests Katie to see if she’ll come clean.

When Katie fails to mention the kiss, Wyatt reacts by breaking up with her.

Coming up…

Ridge reaches out to Thorne and presents him with a family treasure.

Family and friends celebrate when Steffy and Liam learn the sex of their unborn child.

Sally demands Bill follow through where Spectra is concerned.

February Sweeps Previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Liam is faced with finding forgiveness for Steffy or becoming hardened like his father.

Thorne’s connection with Katie affects her relationship with Wyatt.

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