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Spoilers for the Week of November 20, 2017

11/23/2017 10:33 am

Deconstructing B&B: Sally and Liam’s kiss could end a marriage

Liam blindsides Steffy by admitting kiss

Week of November 13:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Devastated by Liam, Steffy Turns to Bill

Monday November 13:

B&B Recap: Steffy walks out on Liam, disgustedSally-Liam-imaginary-life-BB-HW

B&B Spoiler Video: Wyatt Doubts Bill and Liam Can Hug It Out

Wyatt has doubt that Steffy’s plan to reunite the Spencers will work.

Sally confides in Coco about Liam’s gift to her.

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Tuesday November 14:

B&B Recap: Sally imagines life as Liam’s wife

Coco feels Sally’s troubles could have a silver lining.

B&B Spoiler Video: What if Steffy can’t forgive Liam?

After doing some soul-searching, Liam comes to a conclusion.

Wednesday November 15:

B&B Recap: Bill declares he loves Steffy

bill-holds-steffy-bb-hwBill offers Steffy support.

B&B Spoiler Video: Liam’s fear of losing Steffy grows

Wyatt reminds Liam of the warnings he received about siding with Sally.

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Thursday November 16:

B&B Recap: Steffy hyperventilates after having sex with Bill

After a scare, Quinn and Eric fear Sheila is back.

B&B Spoiler Video: Eric promises Quinn they won’t break up

Steffy does something that makes her feel more forgiving toward Liam.

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Friday November 17:

B&B Spoiler Video: Bill Instructs Justin to Plan a Party for Two

Wyatt and Katie spice up their sex life with role-playing.

Liam presents Steffy with a gift after their huge argument.

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Sally fantasizes about what life would be like if she were with Liam.

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Steffy is comforted by Bill after Liam confesses to kissing Sally.

Bill and Steffy make love.

Coming up…

Steffy asks Bill for a favor.

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