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Spoilers for the Week of July 10, 2017

07/13/2017 02:12 pm

B&B Recap: Katie delivers blunt advice to Quinn

Week of July 10:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Sheila has Eric in her clutches

Monday July 10:

B&B Recap: Lt. Baker & Brooke press RJ & Coco for the truth

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Brooke wants RJ’s version of the car crash.

Thomas glimpses a softer side of Sally when she discusses family.

B&B Spoiler Video: Sally reveals something personal to Thomas

Tuesday July 11:

B&B Recap: Caroline’s homecoming causes mixed emotions

Charlie is suspicious of Sheila’s offer.

B&B Spoiler Video: Steffy believes she knows what Thomas wants

Caroline returns to Los Angeles with Douglas to visit Thomas.

Wednesday July 12:

B&B Recap: Sheila spits out a warning after Quinn grabs her by the arm

B&B Spoiler Video: Bill continues to obsess over the Spectra building

Steffy hatches a plan to reunite Thomas and Caroline, and Bill offers to help.

Eric leaves the mansion, causing Quinn to fear for the future of their marriage.

Thursday July 13:

B&B Recap: Steffy executes a move for Operation Thomas and Caroline

Sheila and Quinn square off.

Sally notices the closeness Thomas and Caroline share.

Friday July 14:

B&B Recap: After a shooting, someone goes down

B&B Spoiler Video: Thomas makes a request of Sally regarding Caroline

Caroline tells Thomas that leaving was a mistake.

Steffy and Liam search for Eric, who is in hiding with Sheila.

Coming up:

Caroline goes to Bill for a favor.

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