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Spoilers for the Week of June 19, 2017

06/22/2017 04:34 pm

Deconstructing B&B!: Fans revel in evil Sheila and drunk Deacon returns

B&B Recap: Quinn makes a confession in the wake of Ridge’s heroics

Week of June 19:

Monday June 19:

B&B Recap: Ridge is floored by Eric’s actions

B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge thinks Eric is playing with fire

Quinn’s confession to Ridge changes everything between them.

Rick tells Maya about the legal issue regarding Lizzie.

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Tuesday June 20:

B&B Spoiler Video: Rick reels from Maya’s shocking news

When Julius hears about the issue with the adoption papers it gets him thinking.

Nicole struggles with following through on a promise.

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Wednesday June 21:

B&B Recap: Zende warns Rick to back up as he confronts Nicole

Nicole takes her frustration out on Rick.

Thomas is taken aback by the realities of working at Spectra.

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Thursday June 22:

B&B Recap: Zende stands up to Julius when he berates Maya

Maya is stunned by Julius’ opinion.

B&B Spoiler Video: Julius lays a guilt trip on Maya

Nicole and Zende see things differently.

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Friday June 23:

B&B Recap: Katie makes Ridge and Quinn the ultimate promise

B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge is confident a problem is now in the past

Brooke receives a surprising apology.

Ridge and Quinn are assured that their secret won’t be revealed to Eric.

Coming up…

Wyatt still has feelings for Steffy.

RJ and Coco become an official item.

Teasers from Brad Bell’s TV Insider interview:

Sheila and Quinn become rivals after Sheila learns that Quinn may not be as perfect a wife for Eric as she seems.

Katie finds a new love.

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