Spoilers for the Week of June 20, 2016

06/23/2016 05:22 pm

Week of June 20:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Rick catches Brooke with Bill

Monday June 20:

B&B Recap: Liam confronts Bill, and Sasha lets Zende know she’s still into him

Steffy and Rick feel suspicious of Ridge’s new attitude toward Rick.

B&B Spoiler Video: Liam confronts Bill about the earring

Bill explains the secret room to Liam.

Vivienne tells Nicole she’s right to keep Sasha from modeling lingerie for Zende.

Tuesday June 21:

B&B Recap: Bill warns Steffy away from Liam and then visits Brooke’s bedroom

Bill gives Brooke options for their future.

B&B Spoiler Video: Steffy tells Bill to stop playing favorites

Wednesday June 22:

B&B Recap: Liam tries to accept a painful reality, and Rick interrupts Brooke and Bill

Liam and Steffy discuss their past and possible future.

B&B Spoiler Video: Brooke calls Bill out on the hypocrisy of their situation

Brooke and Bill find themselves in an awkward situation because of Rick.

Where are they now? Adam Gregory’s baby news, Kristolyn Lloyd heads to Broadway with an “As the World Turns” fan favorite and more!

Thursday June 23:

B&B Recap: Caroline sides with Thomas over Ridge, and Bill sides with Wyatt over Liam

Thomas blindsides Ridge.

B&B Spoiler Video: Caroline wants to be honest about Douglas’ paternity

Bill has to take a side when Wyatt and Liam butt heads at Spencer Publications.

Friday June 24:

BB Recap: Ridge says goodbye to Douglas

Caroline intervenes with Thomas and Ridge.

B&B Spoiler Video: Katie tells Brooke why she drinks

Steffy is caught between Wyatt and Liam.

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– Candace Young


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