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Spoilers for the Week of March 07, 2016

03/11/2016 02:44 pm

Week of March 7:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Ridge and Caroline guard their secret.

Monday March 7:

Read today’s B&B Recap: Ridge called from work as Caroline’s contractions begin.

Things get heated between Ridge and Rick when a business discussion turns personal.

Caroline goes into labor. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Caroline.

Thomas helps Caroline.

Tuesday March 8:

Read today’s B&B Recap: Brooke spills Ridge’s secret as Caroline labors.

Brooke accidentally reveals surprising information about Ridge to Rick. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Brooke and Rick.

The Spencers and Forresters gather to await a birth.

Wednesday March 9:

Read today’s B&B Recap: Ridge shares the happy baby news but is questioned by Thomas.

Ridge makes an announcement to the family about the new arrival.

Thomas has a hostile reaction to Ridge when he acts dismissive toward him. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Thomas and Ridge.

Thursday March 10:

Read today’s B&B Recap: Thomas meets the baby, while Liam sees his wedding photos.

Ridge offers Steffy some advice regarding Liam.

Quinn gives Liam ‘proof’ of ‘Adam and Eve’s’ past together. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Quinn and Liam.

Friday March 11:

Deacon warns Quinn about possible consequences down the road.

Wyatt and Steffy talk candidly about Liam and his disappearance.

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– Candace Young


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