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Spoilers for the Week of January 26, 2015

01/30/2015 12:00 am

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Week of January 26:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Guess Who’s Back?

Monday January 26:

Read today’s B&B Recap: The Cradle Robber.

Maya gives Brooke her version of Rick and Caroline’s marital troubles, which includes dropping the bomb about Caroline and Ridge. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Brooke and Maya.

Rick allows his resentment to overpower him.

Shots ring out.

Ivy tells Liam something she needs him to know.

Tuesday January 27:

Read today’s B&B Recap: A Bang Up Day.

Maya worries that Brooke’s return could pose problems for her and Rick.

Caroline receives a clear sign regarding which choices she should make.

Ridge won’t let Rick’s actions go. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Ridge.

Wednesday January 28:

Read today’s B&B Recap: Locked Away.

Bill and Brooke see each other for the first time since she left suddenly for Italy. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Brooke and Bill.

Quinn feels insecure about her relationship with Deacon when a third party arrives on the scene.

New! Read Soap Stars: Where Are They Now? A DWI arrest, actress engaged to a Dallas Cowboy, a new script, a play, fan Q&As and more.

Thursday January 29:

Read today's B&B Recap: Dark Energy.

Liam and Bill plot revenge against a Spencer enemy.

Ridge and Caroline make a deal with Rick and threaten him with legal action. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Caroline, Ridge, and Rick.

Grey's Anatomy Recap Tonight's episode, "Where Do We Go From Here" also showcased little Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) from "General Hospital!"

Friday January 30:

Caroline stops at nothing to tell Brooke her own version of events.

Liam tells Bill his idea. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Liam and Bill.

Liam reaches out to Steffy to help him and Bill make a secret business acquisition.

Week of February 2:

Watch the B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: May the Best Woman Win.

Caroline and Brooke butt heads over Ridge.

Brooke lets Caroline know where she stands.

Liam and Steffy collaborate on a plan.

Steffy wants something in return for her help.

Ivy is upset to see Liam with Steffy.

Wyatt blames Quinn for the failure of his marriage.

Deacon helps Quinn.

Brooke is concerned about Rick's behavior.

Rick treats someone harshly.

Brooke devises a plan to thwart Ridge and Caroline's growing connection.

Bill shows his softer side to Katie.

Maya has the perfect man for Nicole.

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Brooke's life takes a turn, and it's not what anyone, including Brooke, is expecting.

Ridge and Caroline face obstacles as a couple.

- Candace Young


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