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Spoilers for the Week of October 25, 2021

10/26/2021 07:56 am

Steffy, Finn spoilers B&B

In’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 25, through Friday, October 29, Sheila’s latest scheme raises eyebrows… and hackles. Plus, Thomas ends up in a familiar place — on the outside looking in. Meanwhile, a new relationship blooms for Katie, and there’s trouble with a capital “T” when Donna and Brooke get mixed up in Eric’s marriage to Quinn, causing the current Mrs. Forrester to positively snap! Keep reading to find out who will confess their inner desires to whom and much more.

Red hot wedding album! Official photos from Courtney Hope and Chad Duell’s nuptials, plus a video mash-up from one of the Bold & Beautiful soap star guests!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 25:

Must-see! Bold & Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan and Jacqueline Wood celebrated in costumes for a pal’s jam-packed birthday party!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 25:
Sheila, Hope, Deacon B&B

In Monday’s recap, Eric rushes home for sex with Quinn after a clinch with Donna, and Hope refuses to buy what Sheila’s selling!

When Quinn confesses to Shauna her innermost cravings, will she admit she’s doubting her decision not to run off with Carter, especially now that she’s facing a sexless future with Eric? And if so, will her best friend counsel her to follow her heart… or another part of her anatomy?

Heads will be spinning when Sheila and Deacon defend their fake love to Finn and Hope. What will their offspring make of the unlikely pairing, and will it compel them to spend more time together trying to figure it out? Cue the Sheila cackle in three, two…

Maybe a little of Deacon has rubbed off on portrayer Sean Kanan. When his character was suddenly dissed off screen as well as on, the actor found the perfect way to respond to the hate.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 26:
Donna honey B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Deacon learns Sheila’s master plan, Finn and Hope discuss their predicament, and after Eric’s night with Quinn is a big flop, he confides in Donna.

As Sheila divulges her endgame to a skeptical Deacon, we gotta wonder: Can she possibly parlay this phony love affair into a relationship with their grown children and grandchildren?! Taking it one step further, might the scheme result in two new pairings on Bold & Beautiful?

Playing matchmaker instead of Judge Judy for a change, Brooke urges Eric to dump Quinn for Donna. Our advice to Quinn is, “Watch out!” Like it or not, what Brooke wants, she usually gets!

Just released! I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies: The unofficial fan guide is the perfect gift for Hallmark viewers — and here’s why.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, October 27:

When Donna makes a selfless sacrifice for Eric’s happiness, will she agree not to have any contact with her honey bear so as to keep his current wife from becoming jealous — and to keep his constantly shifting marriage on a somewhat even keel?

Alarm bells go off for Steffy and Liam when they hear the 411 on Sheila and Deacon. Wise to the ways of the notorious villainess and suspicious of the jailbird con to boot, they’re sure to smell a rat. The question is, will being on the same page where the two connivers are concerned lead to history repeating itself for “Steam”?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 28:

Preview! All hell breaks loose on Bold & Beautiful when Quinn discovers Eric’s sweet secret!

Whoopsie! Donna accidentally reveals a secret about Quinn and Eric to Katie and Brooke. And that means the you-know-what is going to hit the fan, because Brooke certainly won’t agree to keep it under wraps. In fact, she’ll likely figure out how best to use the information to further her agenda — which is to get Quinn out of Eric’s life and her portrait off of his wall!

Once again finding his nose press against the window, Thomas watches as Paris and Zende’s bond gets stronger. It’s practically a foregone conclusion that he’ll begin to yearn for a woman — specifically Paris — to call his own, and the latest love triangle will manifest itself on Bold & Beautiful.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 29:

Eek. Quinn goes ballistic when she learns of Brooke and Donna’s interference. Could this be setting up the latest in a series of battles between the Logan blondes and the badass brunette? While we can’t help but feel for Eric, who will be caught in the crossfire, we kinda hope so!

When Katie finds an unexpected friendship beginning to blossom, it can only be with kindred spirit Carter, who has also been unlucky in love. Might romance bloom for the new pals, who are both looking for something entirely different and who both value loyalty and commitment more than their past significant others?

With Halloween week upon us, take a look back at some of soaps’ most memorable costumes and disguises of all time in a brand-new photo gallery that’s all treat, no trick!

As we contemplate a storyline that would bring back a much-missed Young & Restless supercouple, we also run down the list of characters we need back on Bold & Beautiful and all the soaps. See if you agree with our picks.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

Spoilers for the Week of October 18, 2021

10/21/2021 11:38 am

Bill fight for Katie spoilers B&B

In’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 18, through Friday, October 22, Dollar Bill pulls out all the stops to win back his Katie girl, and Brooke urges Donna to reclaim the honey bear that she thinks is the bee’s knees. Meanwhile, Carter lands on the hot seat with Eric, and when Sheila spots an opportunity to use Deacon to manipulate Hope and Finn, of course she takes full advantage of it! Read on to discover who will kiss and tell, and much more.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 15:
Bill, Katie fuming mad B&B

In Friday’s recap, Quinn goes to end it with Carter, who implores her to run away with him! Plus, Zende reacts to Paris’ news and a desperate Bill pleads for another chance with Katie!

Bill goes to great lengths to set things straight with Katie, but will it even matter at this point since Brooke seems to have her sister earmarked to take Quinn’s place with Eric? We all know that what Brooke wants, Brooke gets! Which also begs the question: How will Donna react to being stabbed in the back by her siblings?!

It sounds like the beginning of the end when Eric takes a stand and makes a heartbreaking demand of Quinn. Will he insist that she move on with her life without him since he has no clue how to satisfy her in the bedroom given his erectile dysfunction? And if so, will the hot-to-trot jewelry designer resolve to stay by his side and give up Carter, or will she cave to his wishes and move out as Ridge so fervently hoped?!

Annika Noelle (Hope) sends an emotional message to her followers after sharing her heartrending story: “I see you… I hear you… I grieve with you.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for week of October 18:

In a sneak peek at next week’s Bold & Beautiful episodes, Katie wonders to Carter if there is another man out there for her besides Bill.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, October 18:
Brooke, Ridge kiss B&B

In Monday’s recap, Katie walks out on Bill, Zende romances Paris, Donna trashes Quinn, and Carter unloads his anguish on Katie after Quinn rips out his heart!

It was only last week that Katie teared up as she remembered Bill referring to her sister Brooke as the love of his life. Given how deep that hurt goes, will he stand a chance when he gives it his all in an attempt to win back Katie’s trust?

Now that their Eric-sanctioned sexual arrangement has come under the scrutiny of the Forresters, Carter and Quinn’s relationship reaches a tipping point. Will they finally decide to be together or resolve to deny their connection and part ways forever?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 19:
Zende, Paris kiss next level B&B

In Tuesday’s recap, Hope is shocked when Thomas reveals he and Paris are living together, Katie sets Carter straight, Bill pleads with Brooke, and Zende makes love with Paris!

Paris and Zende take their relationship to the next level, but something tells us the designer had better enjoy this closeness while it lasts. With Thomas taking an interest in the beautiful and talented Ms. Buckingham, it’s only a matter of time before they’re all added to our photo gallery of the show’s most memorable love triangles.

When Bill interrupts a moment between Ridge and Brooke to ask for a favor, it can only have to do with Katie. Ridge certainly can’t be counted on to help his nemesis, but will Brooke agree to put in a good word for the desperate man she once enthusiastically called “Stallion”?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, October 20:
Paris didnt come home B&B

In Wednesday’s recap, Carter and Katie make a heartfelt connection after he is grilled by Eric. Plus, Paris and Zende raise eyebrows at work!

Seemingly not content to let Quinn make her own decisions about her life, Eric puts Carter on the spot regarding his intentions with his wife. Will the ab-fabulous exec confess that he wants to make the jewelry designer his own?

Zende confides in Hope about the fantastic night that he shared with Paris, which leaves us concerned that she might find herself caught in the middle of her Hope For the Future designers if Thomas also confesses that he’s interested in the beauty.

And if you think that potential battle is something, wait till you get a load of the “epic fight” that precipitated a Bold & Beautiful alum’s on-screen death — and why he doesn’t necessarily think that’s the end for his character.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 21:
Carter, Katie talk B&B

In Thursday’s recap, Sheila’s shocking move leaves Finn and Hope stunned, perplexed and a little horrified! Plus, Katie confides in Carter and Donna’s caught by Eric.

It appeared that Brooke was stabbing Donna in the back by telling Katie to “be there” for Eric, but in the end, the blonde comes through for her middle sister when she urges her to accept her feelings and fight for the man she loves.

The ever-conniving Sheila seizes an opportunity with Deacon when she spots Finn and Hope nearby, but will the manipulation get her the result she’s hoping for? Knowing Sheila as we do, it’s a good bet it will.

Attention Chessies! The Hallmark Channel needs to renew Chesapeake Shoreshere’s why and how you can help save the show.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 22:

She shoots, she scores! When Hope and Finn witness Sheila and Deacon, the connivers’ kids are stunned. But what comes after that? Will the she-devil be able to manipulate them into giving her the reaction that she wants? Perhaps you can guess what Hope will do next by perusing a photo gallery of her past steps… and missteps.

Aw, we’re in honey-bear heaven reading this! Eric is moved when he learns of Donna’s true feelings. Will the sexy blonde be able to allay her former hubby’s worries about ending up alone if he parts ways with Quinn… and might she be able to help solve his issue in the bedroom as well?

Even if you’re sipping a pumpkin-spice latte, you can still say a last goodbye to summer with an eye-popping photo gallery of your Bold & Beautiful favorites rocking the most stylish beach fashions this side of Gilligan’s Island.

As Halloween draws near, take a look back at some of soaps’ most memorable costumes and disguises of all time in a brand-new photo gallery that’s all treat, no trick!

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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