Deconstructing B&B: A Soap Rivalry Is Born As Quinn Threatens Donna

November 5 - 9

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B&B remains solid; the fashion show was a bit of fun with a few familiar faces returning, the stage was set for drama between Donna and Quinn, and Bill being ‘onto’ Ridge, though predictable feeling, is entertaining too. Thoughts:

Taking sides

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Pam & Donna spelled double-trouble for Quinn, and after clashing with Pam, who called off her wedding and blamed Quinn, Mrs. Forrester put Donna on notice regarding trying to get her hooks back into ‘Honey Bear’. Not only was the material and dialogue fun, but the anticipation of what’s to come once Donna and Pam realize they’re both anti-Quinn is topping my list of ‘can’t wait to see’ developments. I’ll be shocked if we don’t see the old Quinn come out at some point. Fans reacted:

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Spencey senses

Brooke warned Ridge that Bill is onto him, and despite Ridge’s assurances that ‘everything will be fine’, he was definitely sweating it at the fashion show when he imagined Bill and the police coming at him with handcuffs. Of course, the caveat was ‘everything will be fine as long as Brooke stays away from Bill’, which proved to be impossible given that Bill tracked her down to try and pry the truth from her. It’s a given Bill will find out what he wants to know, but the question is what will he do then? Will he have Ridge thrown in jail? My guess is he won’t risk angering Brooke by having her hubby locked up and will somehow use the threat of Ridge going to jail to manipulate him or Brooke…with the end result being Bill gets Brooke back of course.

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No hitch or glitch

The vibe of the Intimates line show was engaging and energetic, and how novel to have a fashion show on B&B go off without a hitch or a glitch. I’m a fan of Sally and Steffy working together and being friends, and it was a treat to see the Avants and Shirley return to support…Julius and Vivienne were having a hoot! Wyatt supporting Sally was cute, though I’d like to see her not needing that from a man at some point, and there was a brief Ridge and Quinn exchange for those keeping score. While Zoe supported a nervous Xander, Emma stayed away, and it was a genuine surprise when she ended up splitting up with him on Friday’s episode. No more triangle!

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