Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt’s New Position Stirs up Speculation

October 8 - 12

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All the juicy drama is happening at Forrester Creations these days, and it’s made for solidly entertaining viewing. Thoughts:

On the rocks

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Ridge was cast in the villainous role in the custody storyline, which had us feeling for Bill, and this week Ridge’s chickens came home to roost as Brooke uncovered his connection to the judge, who came clean when she gave him the narrowed eye death glare. Of course, it wouldn’t be B&B without some controversy so that Ridge could turn the tables, and right on cue, Steffy witnessed Bill and Brooke’s kiss and broke the news to her father. So, who has more reason to be outraged? My guess is we’ll be seeing Ridge and Brooke hashing that out in dramatic fashion. And while it is admittedly a bit of silliness for Bill to be flipping back to mooning over Brooke so soon after Steffy, it’s been entertaining. I suspect Ridge and Brooke will get over this hurdle, but then something else will happen to push her away from her husband and toward Bill again. The writing’s on the wall!

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Resume the position

Steffy offered Wyatt a position at Forrester Creations, and he accepted it. Sally and Wyatt are still going strong as evidenced by their little celebration in the design office, so working together could bring them closer together…or cause issues. Especially since Wyatt will also be working with his exes, Hope and Steffy, and Steffy is currently single. Yep, that thought had a few viewers concerned Brad Bell might be going the love triangle route with Sally/Wyatt/Steffy (because he always goes the love triangle route), but with many still missing Wyatt and Katie, there’s that possibility as well, particularly if Katie suspects Thorne was in on Ridge’s influencing of the judge, and things go south between them (we can hope). I didn’t find Steffy and Wyatt to have romantic chemistry when they were together, so would rather the latter. Basically, everyone’s wondering what’s going to go on with Wyatt being placed at Forrester Creations. Fans shared their opinions:

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