Deconstructing B&B: Ridge & Bill’s Verbal Sparring a Hit With Fans

September 17 - 21

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As always on B&B, there is hypocrisy to spare, and plenty that doesn’t make sense, as we watch the controversies unfold surrounding the custody case and the conflict between Steffy and Hope at Forrester Creations, but in the end, the most annoying development this week was the prospect of yet another living room wedding. Really? The best of the week was easily Bill versus Ridge. Hilarious! Thoughts:

What’s the rush?

Thorne has been too pushy with Katie since the first kiss, so it’s no surprise he popped the question already. As for a quickie wedding helping them in the custody case, it’s a bit transparent to rush to marry and ‘become a family’ right before the proceedings. Anyway, rush they will, and viewers will sit through (or not) another bunch of speeches and vows that have absolutely no impact because we’ve seen a thousand weddings just like it. The most interesting aspect in all of this is that it will make Bill irate, so his reaction is bound to be entertaining.

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In related commentary, Ridge is up to his vengeful eyeballs in this custody suit, and the scenes between him and Bill were delicious. The mocking, snarking one-liners these two deliver as they spar (and Bill’s names for Thorne) are priceless. It’s interesting how the writing has me rooting against Ridge in this because he’s being portrayed as such an interfering ass, who may well believe Will would be better off with Thorne as a role model, but clearly isn’t being driven by his concern for the boy. Wait until he finds out Brooke’s been meeting with Bill behind his back; that’s going to send him into orbit. In the meantime, Ridge is blatantly influencing the judge (conveniently Ridge put the guy through law school), and I feel like this will come back to bite him – as Justin said, getting caught influencing a judge would be disastrous. Hmm. Viewers reacted to Bill and Ridge squaring off:

Out to get her?

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Forrester Creations clashes boosted drama and there has still been tension between Brooke and Ridge, as well as another flare-up between Steffy and Hope, who was irked that Steffy poached Sally and is letting her design. Hope accused Steffy of being out to get her, and it’s possible, though she’s likely just doing what she wants and doesn’t particularly care if Hope agrees with it. Steffy has expressed appreciation for Sally’s design talent in the past, so it wasn’t a surprise she liked her intimates ideas, but they should have had a conversation about Sally going after Liam, which was the beginning of the issues in Steffy’s marriage. I’m not a fan of ‘ignoring’ important history between characters.

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