Deconstructing B&B: Katie & Bill Drama Worth the Price of Admission

August 27 - 31

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Well, we’re seeing foreshadowing that the new arrangement with Hope, Liam, and Steffy may not be quite as idyllic as believed, and were taken by surprise by Hope’s sudden crisis. Also, the escalating situation surrounding Will definitely has viewers’ sharing their opinions and taking sides. Thoughts:

Reality check

Compared to the high drama at their wedding reception, it was a quieter time for Liam and Hope following their ‘funnymoon’, though not without bumps in the road that most will see as red flags. Dr. Phillips recognizing Liam at the ultrasound appointment was awkward, and Liam taking off with Steffy when Kelly had a fever was a reminder for Hope of the reality of the situation she’ll be living with – Liam will still be constantly pulled in another direction despite having committed to her. If nothing else I’ve enjoyed the change in dynamic as a switch from Love Triangle 101, though I could do without Steffy sounding like a pod person talking about joy and journeys and togetherness – weirds me out. Anyway, Friday brought another twist, with Hope doubling over in pain while Liam’s across town with Steffy, who is telling him she still has feelings for him. I doubt Hope will lose the baby, but it’s going to get old always having to look for him at Steffy’s when something is happening.

Get the popcorn

In the last Deconstructing B&B, Brooke’s cake fight with Taylor stole the show and now it seems Brooke may be taking a side in another fight – the issue of Will’s custody. Her reactions seem to indicate she’s relatively appalled at the idea of Katie trying to ‘take Bill’s son away’, which would not only put her at odds with her sister, but with Ridge, who is all for it. The whole premise is foggy to me – they repeatedly use the tagline ‘taking Bill’s son away’, yet Katie continually promises she would never stop Bill from seeing him. It seems like a lot of stress and drama to go through if nothing’s going to change. Ah, but it’s a soap opera…so we’re going to pretend that Katie is ‘taking Bill’s son away’ for dramatic effect and to justify the custody battle. Observations: (1) Ridge rubbed me the wrong way making an announcement on such a personal thing at Forrester when Katie hadn’t even decided yet. (2) It’s way too early in Thorne and Katie’s relationship for him to be involved in this, let alone pushing her to follow through on something she was clearly torn about, so he’s coming across even more unappealing than usual, and (3) despite all of the reasons this storyline may be bunk, watching Bill and Katie clash and cry has already been more than worth the price of admission. I’m here for it. Let know where you stand by voting in our Bill & Katie custody poll. Fans weighed in on the storyline:

Intern world

In a Zoe/Xander/Emma update, Emma’s pouting has done me in, and Zoe’s confidence has me vaguely rooting for her. Xander’s another B&B waffler, dating one girl and kissing the other even though she was supposedly so terrible that he had to flee the country to get away from her (eyeroll). He also conveniently became a photographer this week in time to snap shots of Zoe in lingerie while Emma looked on miserably – a repeat of the Zende/Sasha/Nicole scenario. Why?

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