Deconstructing B&B: Eagerly Anticipating Taylor & Brooke Wedding Clash

August 13 - 17

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It was refreshing to see a wider variety of characters onscreen this week, and no interns in sight! Thoughts:

Guest list gone wrong?
In the last Deconstructing B&B, the aftermath of Steffy’s epiphany continued to be satisfying, though we continued to see signs that the triangle with Liam may not be laid to rest for long, even though he’s marrying Hope. Steffy’s emotion at watching him propose, Liam’s awe of Steffy (the best possible role model as a mother), and Wyatt’s diatribe to Liam pointing out that Steffy had made the choice for him to marry Hope, he hadn’t made it himself, all felt like foreshadowing that we haven’t seen the last of the waffling. Steffy and Taylor will go to the wedding, which is patently ridiculous of course, but par for the B&B course. Taylor and Brooke’s reactions to the news were gold – Taylor was like, “The hell you are going,” and Brooke snarked that perhaps they should bring the family together on Thanksgiving instead. Too funny, and I’m sure this is a recipe for disaster as the wedding looms, especially judging by the preliminary round at Brooke’s place. Can’t wait to see what goes down between these two…it’s the only thing that will make yet another mind-numbing wedding ceremony worth watching. Fans reacted:

As for Steffy’s new initiative at Forrester Creations with the female empowerment; all good, though her new ‘blissed-out’ way of speaking weirds me out.

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This is what you’re dating?
I would have liked to see a bit more undercurrent of unresolved feeling or regret when Katie and Wyatt crossed paths at Bikini Bar, but it was not to be. Wyatt needling Thorne about getting Bill’s approval was a harbinger of what came next, which was Thorne tangling with Bill on Katie’s doorstep. Thorne, ‘who doesn’t feel like Thorne’, is a dud. He began his relationship with Katie coming across like a leech, and his ‘too soon’ declaration of love only cemented that impression. I was smirking when Bill ruined his date night with Katie, and by the time Katie and Bill shared that teary, face-stroking scene, I was in my feels for a reunion… which is odd because I was a real fan of Katie and Wyatt, who brought out the best in one another. Not that I don’t like Wyatt with Sally, I do, it’s just…well, it’s good to have options, and to feel torn.

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