Deconstructing B&B: Emma, Xander, Zoe Triangle Is Dead Boring

August 6 - 10

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The change in Steffy holds the most promise as far as anticipation of what’s ahead storyline-wise, as well as a change in direction for Bill. I’m definitely looking forward to more going on at Forrester Creations…maybe with less of the interns? Thoughts:

Still a ‘no’.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, the Emma/Xander/Zoe triangle remained unappealing, and that hasn’t changed despite the big chunk of airtime it continues to get. While Zoe is intriguing, the Emma and Xander characters aren’t strong enough to anchor a love triangle. You know it’s not working when the side drama surrounding Harry the cat (RIP) is more compelling. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Emma put Zoe on notice that she and Xander had kissed; didn’t even know what to do with that ‘after school special’ moment. I have sympathy for Emma, of course, being out of her league, but it’s not making me want to tune in to see more…bottom line. Viewers commented on Harry, and the ridiculousness of Emma confronting the executives about hiring Zoe:

Addicted to waffling?
Well, we’ve possibly turned a corner with Bill, who has, once again, seen the error of his ways and sought forgiveness from Liam, who just seemed exhausted by it all. Equally tiring was Liam going back to Steffy yet again to bug about whether she’s really most sincerely ready to move on without him. Please! Is he addicted to waffling? She still loves him, yes, but it’s irritating for Ridge and Liam to keep pushing now that she’s made her decision (and Liam’s for that matter). Anyway, I’m still loving her resolve to move forward focusing on her career and child, even if she’s already getting those wistful expressions around Liam and teared up seeing him propose. Hope’s directness in asking Liam to confirm he wanted a future with her was also satisfying, though what would she think to know he had been in Steffy’s office asking her if she was certain? Regardless, we’ll get a respite from the triangle for a time it seems. Steffy also kick-started her lingerie line reboot this week. She announced her plans on Monday and, voila, there were the designs ready for models to rehearse in on Tuesday! As unbelievable as it was to viewers, imagine Zoe’s surprise at being invited over to the company headquarters by Thorne, only to find herself hired and in a bedroom line rehearsal before ever returning home. Only on a soap!

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