Deconstructing B&B: Cheering Steffy’s Epiphany As She Chooses Herself

July 30 - August 3

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It’s been a minute since I found myself feeling enthusiastic about Bold and Beautiful, but Steffy’s unforeseen decision to choose herself instead of jumping from one man to another, and also bringing change to Forrester Creations, has accomplished it. Bravo! Thoughts:

I am woman…
B&B went all in to convince viewers that Steffy’s deal with Bill would come to fruition – the contract, the sword necklace, the nursery, Wyatt refusing to attend the wedding, Justin’s ominous warnings to Bill, Liam conceding defeat, Ridge losing his marbles etc., only to pull a last minute swerve few saw coming as Steffy chose herself and Bill gave her the Forrester Creations shares anyway. Loved, loved, loved it. Not only do I appreciate immensely when a soap can still surprise me, but as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Steffy staying single wasn’t an option this show seemed to even entertain, so it was extra-impressive in that respect. Of course, skepticism remains about how long Steffy will remain on the wagon, but I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing how this angle will play out in the meantime, and also feel optimistic about the new energy and focus it appears it will bring to Forrester Creations. The reactions around the boardroom to Steffy’s announcement that she had Bill’s shares and that she wasn’t marrying him were priceless. The bit with Steffy engineering the reunion of Hope and Liam is perhaps a step too far as believability goes, but is acceptable in the context of her wanting to demonstrate that she’s completely ‘done’, even if she’s masking residual pain. All-in-all, Steffy’s decision was a great twist. Fans commented:

Triangle trouble.
While I found Maya’s weird grilling of Emma about Xander and Zoe to be yet another awkward conversation, there was an inkling of sparks between Xander and Zoe on his latest visit to her apartment, which is something. The trouble is, I still wouldn’t be upset if all three disappeared tomorrow. With Thorne having hired Zoe at Forrester Creations (to model lingerie no doubt), it’s now feeling like we’re going the Nicole/Zende/Sasha route with less interesting characters. It remains to be seen what sort of dynamic Zoe will bring to the workplace, but I have a hard time imagining becoming invested in this triangle.

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