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Deconstructing B&B: Bill’s Apology Tour Proves to Be Short-lived

July 16 - 20

Image: Howard Wise/JPI

He’s back! Bill found reason for renewed optimism, while the rest of the week’s drama centered heavily on the interns/Zoe, with the Hope for the Future fashion show taking place at week’s end. I always enjoy the energy of a good fashion show, and this was no exception. Thoughts:

Runway ruse.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Zoe’s creepy behavior was mildly intriguing, but it’s all been pretty underwhelming as Xander shrugged off calling the cops, and her most heinous act thus far has been scheme her way into a dress and walk down a runway to ‘ruin Emma’s big night’. Who could blame her when it was so easy to sneak in? Fans commented on Charlie’s inferior performance as a security guard:

The energy of the fashion show was a high point, and it was particularly good to see the Forresters in their element, gathering beside the runway. Prior to Friday, the most entertaining bits were watching Wyatt hold Sally back as she lunged at the unremorseful artist who almost got her fired, and laughing at Brooke teasing the press about Hope’s pregnancy…classic, and she does it so well.

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Renewed optimism.
Over in Dollar Bill land, one couldn’t help but enjoy his giddy newfound optimism, which had Justin cracking a smile despite his disapproval. After a two or three-day apology tour, Bill was back in the saddle and obsessing once again. While Bill’s right in complaining about Liam’s waffling, his previous pressure tactics toward Steffy were definitely wrong, so if the universe (aka, headwriter Brad Bell), does have Steffy give in to him, it’s a questionable message – harass the person you desire relentlessly, and you will eventually get what you want. Anyway, with the help of Justin’s photo, Bill went whole hog again, urging Steffy to ‘wake up’, followed by another proposal. Again, I just had to laugh…not especially romantic, Bill!

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