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Deconstructing B&B: Scary Stalker Zoe Piques Some Fans’ Interest

July 9 - 13

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You know the intern storyline really isn’t working for you when Liam’s dreaded triangle comes on screen and it’s actually relieving. Wyatt and Sally are providing a bit of love in the afternoon, but their conversations leave a lot to be desired. Thoughts:

Laugh or you’ll cry.
As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Hope’s pregnancy changed everything, yet nothing, as it merely served to introduce yet another round of Liam floundering to try and figure out who he wants to spend his life with – Steffy or Hope – while the women wait patiently to find out if they’ll be chosen or discarded, and blame each other in the meantime. I just can’t even get my mind around it anymore, and despite having consistently leaned in the direction of Steffy/Liam because she helps to make tofu-boy more interesting, it’s truly reached a point where I don’t even care who he ends up with, as long as we get to move on to something entirely different. Thanks to some fans, we can still muster up a laugh about it:

Crazy cat lady.
Despite all efforts, I still cannot get into this intern storyline. The delivery sometimes feels stilted, the characters are all strangers, and though Zoe seems like a real whackadoo, neither her history with Xander nor his secrets intrigue me, and I don’t care enough about Emma to be truly concerned about what may or may not happen to her. Zoe using Sally’s laptop and getting her into trouble at Forrester Creations (the last thing she needed) did manage to catch my attention, as did Zoe talking to her pet cat in a creepy crazy way just like The Young and the Restless’ infamous Patty Williams. Fans weighed in:

Scratching the surface.
While Sally and Wyatt have chemistry, and are pretty much the only ones bringing the sexy on B&B right now, it’s annoying that Wyatt hasn’t been shown to have any lingering feelings for Katie, or any hesitation about moving on. It was all just wiped away! Real people don’t work like that…at least Sally was angry about Thomas for a few days. Having them spend three days repeating the same conversation about Hope wasn’t appealing either – we got it – Sally was worried about Hope and Wyatt thought she could win her over. Later, Sally found herself in hot water, being accused of cyber-stalking Hope by the stern and condescending duo of Thorne and Katie. It had me rooting for Sally, that’s all I’ll say about that. In related commentary, Danny Woodburn’s return as Ken was a hoot!

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