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Deconstructing B&B: Fans Eye-roll As Liam Faces His Umpteenth Choice

July 2 - 6

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I don’t even know what to say about the idea of another round of ‘dreaded triangle’ playing out, and the goings-on at Forrester Creations aren’t providing much so far in the way of alternate entertainment. Thoughts:

Marriage go round.
As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Hope’s pregnancy twist could change everything, and yet in another way, everything stays the same, as the show remains focused on the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle. While one couldn’t help but feel happy for Hope, it’s also a stretch to think she’d have risked putting herself in the position of being pregnant out of wedlock given the moral message associated with her line. Then again, she thought she was getting married, and more importantly, characters are known to change their behavior on a dime to accommodate plot on B&B. I’d love to say the tension between Ridge and Brooke is compelling, but given that it’s centered on the endless and exhausting topic of who Liam should choose to be with, really the most entertaining aspect is Brooke being in her old ‘keep your eye on the prize’ mode as she angles for Hope to achieve her ‘destiny’. Perhaps part of the reason this all feels so pointless and tiresome:

Speaking of turning on a dime, it was classic B&B to have Bill do a complete turnaround about Steffy, freeing her up to marry Liam, just in time for Liam to find out Hope was pregnant. Suddenly Bill was utterly disgusted with his actions – he’s not such a bad guy and is just hoping for forgiveness… Next, it was Steffy’s turn to find out Hope was pregnant, and this was an example of the over-the-top moments the show does so well. Drama! What will Liam do now? Sigh.

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Take it or leave it.
The expanding canvas at Forrester Creations has been a mixed bag. It’s a novel idea to explore the awkwardness of Sally working with people who don’t trust her, though it’s yet to really get going, while Katie and Thorne canoodling, and ‘The Mystery of the Mean Posts About Hope’ are totally ‘meh’ – nothing there yet to get excited about. As for the Xander and Emma scenes, it continues to feel like watching two people we don’t know repeat lines we’ve heard before:

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