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Deconstructing B&B: Hope Pregnancy Test Twist Could Change Everything

June 25 - 29

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This week felt like a step in the right direction for B&B as viewers got to see a wider array of characters and more than one focus. Thoughts:

Kitchen talk.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Bill sounds like a broken record lately when it comes to his mission to get Liam married off to Hope so he can have Steffy. He was on the same roll talking to Brooke in the kitchen, but somehow in their conversation he seemed slightly less intense and the tone was a little more ‘real’. It was a contrast to how he’s been speaking to Steffy, which is just not the way to get someone to come around to your way of thinking and has been increasingly controversial in that it’s not advisable to show a person continuing to push themselves on someone who is saying no.

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While Liam blithely accepted the odd explanation that Steffy needed ‘time to figure things out’ before getting married, Hope’s radar was set off by her rival’s sudden stall on securing the rights to him as soon as possible. It was a bit of a stretch as Liam knows Steffy very well:

In any case, Liam accepted Hope’s offer to consult on her line (of course he did, sigh) and so they’ll all stay working in close proximity. With spoilers indicating a huge twist for Hope, Steffy, and Liam, and Hope taking a pregnancy test, the triangle is only looking to become more complicated.

Mixing it up.
Wyatt amazed even himself by managing to secure Sally a job at Forrester Creations (he probably should have asked for one for himself too), and drama ensued as word spread through the fashion house of Eric’s decision. After such a narrow focus on the show for so long, I truly enjoyed seeing so many characters interacting at the company and am relieved that for even a minute there was another topic for them to discuss aside from Liam’s love life. Having Sally in the mix over there already is stirring the pot, and with Pam looking slightly unhinged about Hope interfering with Steffy’s family, and Maya angry about not being used in the fashion show, things could remain interesting. That said, there’s still trepidation about the amount of airtime that will be devoted to the new interns, but at least they were dialed back a bit for this week. In related commentary, between the awkward kissing with Thorne and the news that Wyatt had moved on with a dynamic redhead, one couldn’t help but wonder if Katie would start second-guessing herself over breaking up with him. She sure made fast tracks to his door!

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