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Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt’s Wedding Shocker Delivers a Big Moment

May 21 - 25

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Events played out pretty much as expected on B&B this week, with close moments between Liam and both Hope and Steffy, so as to tease if he would go through with the wedding or change his mind, and Wyatt struggling with his conscience. Thoughts:

Rising tensions.
While we weren’t treated to another Brooke and Taylor showdown, tension ratcheted up appreciably between Brooke and Ridge, as each adamantly refused to accept the other’s position on the matter of Liam marrying Hope while Steffy was pregnant with his child. In classic B&B style, Ridge also continued to parrot his mantra about Liam being played, and basing his decision on a lie perpetrated by Bill, which fell on deaf ears given that he had no proof.

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Wedding time.
Hope and Liam’s wedding day arrived, and Eric and Quinn resurfaced after being absent from the storyline, along with appearances from Carter, Thorne, Maya, and Rick. It was amazing to see Donna return (I especially liked the Logan group hug), and Hope looked beautiful coming down the stairs, even if the wedding wasn’t about to go off without a hitch. Elsewhere, Steffy racked her brains to try and understand why Liam believed she was still seeing Bill. If it were me, I’d probably have demanded to know who told him what, or who said they saw what, and wouldn’t settle for vague references, but hey, that’s the soap way.

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Waffling Wyatt.
As predicted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Wyatt struggled with guilt right up until Liam was about to marry Hope, which is when he finally cracked. As per usual in soaps, Wyatt seemed about to blurt the truth out a couple of times leading up to the main event, only to be diverted by indecision, or in one case, Bill rolling up and spouting lies to Liam to keep the deception on track. Wyatt used Katie as his sounding board, and she remained in favor of him keeping quiet – not in character for this normally straight arrow, who conceded that what Bill was doing was despicable. In any case, B&B does the ‘big moment’ very well, and Wyatt halting Liam’s wedding at the very last minute delivered the drama. Viewers reacted as it was going down:

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