Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt’s Battle of Conscience Could Spell Trouble

May 14 - 18


All conversations led back to Liam again, and tempers flared and accusations flew in light of the impending wedding and Wyatt learning new information. B&B does big confrontations well and there were a couple this week. Thoughts:

Former rivals come face-to-face.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Hope & Steffy’s clash engaged viewers, and this week we had some of the predicted tension between Ridge and Brooke, as his sixth sense told him Bill had manipulated to break-up Liam and Steffy, and Brooke pushed to get Liam and Hope to the altar. Brooke’s ‘waste no time’ approach also irked Taylor, and we were treated to a showdown between the long-time rivals that was fun, but not quite as explosive as it could have been (maybe there will be a round two!). There is always hypocrisy to spare on B&B, but was pretty hilarious when Brooke, given her history with in-laws, declared that Steffy having sex with her father-in-law was disgusting. In any case, many have been thrilled with the return of Taylor and to see her face off with Brooke again. Some loved the clash, while others thought it didn’t go far enough:

Keys to the kingdom.
Wyatt and Bill also went at it after Wyatt discovered he’d been duped and used to break up Liam’s marriage. While father and son squaring off was entertaining to watch, I just felt like, empire or not, Wyatt should be so utterly sick of his father’s scheming by this point that realistically, he would have just walked out. Of course there’s more drama in Wyatt being conflicted, keeping the secret longer, and being enticed by the idea of being Bill’s mini-me. Wyatt went to Katie, who gave a response that seemed out-of-character for her – hide the truth. I’d guess Wyatt will wrestle with his conscience right up to the time of Liam and Hope’s wedding, despite the moment of truth in the parking lot. The interesting thing is that if Wyatt talks, it will not only cause upheaval for the players in Liam’s circle, but perhaps for himself if it’s a point of contention with Katie. Bill, meanwhile, paid another visit to Steffy, and they basically read off the script from a few weeks back, as he waxed eloquent about the future they could have and she told him to go fish. Twice he dodged Steffy when she asked if he’d had manipulated, and kept talking about protecting her. Protect her from what? I don’t get that. Anyway, when the other characters talk about Bill being relentless they aren’t kidding – it’s exhausting.

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Thorne’s game-changing and much-hyped return is a total bust at this point, as his brief scenes this week had him admiring Hope’s engagement ring. Really? They recast the role for this? They should have left Thorne overseas with a modicum of dignity. This is like bringing him back to stick him in the basement again… Wait, where is his office?

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