Deconstructing B&B: Fans Feel They’re Watching ‘The Liam Show’

April 23 - 27


This week has brought the ‘tunnel-vision’ writing back with everything revolving around the Hope, Liam, and Steffy drama, and though the fans always rally to debate and take sides, it’s more than a bit of a drag. Thoughts:

Love roller-coaster.
Viewers saw the Hope, Liam, Steffy triangle was poised for a comeback, and few were thrilled. It’s become the featured storyline, and the only thing any character can talk about. Regressing the characters isn’t flattering to any of them, there are holes and hypocrisy to spare, and most of the exposition and focus has been on Liam throughout. As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Bill’s obsessions have made him seem one-note since the whole mess with the skyscraper business, Steffy’s in ‘damsel-in-distress’ mode, and Hope is throwing herself back into a situation where she’s at risk for another heartbreak. That said, I’ve enjoyed her being more candid, and would have preferred if she’d come back onto the scene this way, rather than the out-of-character bunk involving supporting Steffy. In any case, out of the agony of believing he shot his father (I’m still not convinced it was Taylor, by the way, and feel there’s another twist coming), Liam was freed up to be a flip-flopper again, and so on we go. Just one of the many holes in the storyline is Liam not being able to ‘get past’ seeing Steffy with Bill, when both Hope and Steffy had sex with his brother, and that’s never fazed him. Another is Hope ranting to her mother about how unforgivable Bill’s transgression against Liam was, when Brooke had sex with both Deacon and Oliver. On the flip side, at least Ridge admitted he was a hypocrite for lecturing Liam on the sanctity of marriage. With Bill allowing Wyatt to believe he’s been carrying on with Steffy on Friday’s episode, the writing is on the wall as to which way Liam will flip – or flop – for now. Fans weighed in on the heavy focus on Liam and his love triangle:

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At the news that Nia Sioux was put on contract as Emma the intern, I just asked myself, “Why?” There’s no one her age for her to interact with on the canvas, and even the heaviest-hitters Bell’s brought back aren’t being used. Sheila’s slogging away at Il Giardino, Thorne’s big comeback storyline was abandoned and he’s been relegated to trying to weasel in as ‘second-choice guy’ for Katie, Maya’s only been used as Hope’s sounding board, and Jacob Young’s Rick dropped to recurring. Don’t even get me started on all the characters or storylines that have dropped away inexplicably – Marcus and Dayzee, the Avant family, the core Forresters family members (Felicia!), Bridget and co., the warring fashion houses, etc. I’d so love to get back to a big balanced canvas with the most compelling characters featuring.

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– Candace Young


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