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Deconstructing B&B: Bill Pinpointing Ridge As His Shooter Seems Fishy

March 19 - 23

There was nothing unexpected in the B&B offerings this week. More of the ‘whodunit’ involving Bill, and a little tension in the dreaded love triangle. Thoughts:

Ruined lives.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Caroline was choking Bill and that’s where we picked up this week. Seeing Caroline have a go at anyone is a treat, so that was enjoyable. It was also great to see Thomas back, though the conversation he held with Ridge in which he claimed to be gobsmacked that Caroline was capable of lying to him was ridiculous given that she lied about Douglas’ paternity not so long ago. Anyway, that information fired Ridge up even more against Bill, and Thomas hasn’t been seen since. We can only assume he and Sally are holed up in her apartment making up for lost time, since she was told not to leave town yet. Though no final airdates were given, actress Patrika Darbo (Shirley) confirmed the Spectra gang’s exit.

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Solving the crime.
Detective Sanchez spent a good part of his time pinging from one suspect to another as his investigation continued into Bill’s shooting. In our interview with Jeremy Ray Valdez, the newcomer talked about having been brought up to speed on past outlandish B&B storyline’s, so it’s safe to say he was prepared for B&B‘s craziness. I found it funny how Sanchez acted intimidating but each suspect would tell him he was way off base and send him on to someone else. Finally Bill came around and (literally) coughed up Ridge’s name as the shooter – immediately after admitting he didn’t know why he was in the hospital and didn’t remember being shot. Hmm. Of course, the detective had to act on Bill’s information and arrest Ridge, but hopefully he’ll delve more into how Bill could actually know who shot him… given that he was shot from behind. Fans reacted to Bill pointing the finger at Ridge:

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Hope told Liam that Steffy told Brooke that Bill proposed…and wow, my head began to hurt. Clearly they’re trying to create some sort of tension between Hope and Steffy with regard to Liam, but few are up for another round of this love triangle, so these sniping scenes are tired with a capital ‘T’. That said, it was refreshing to see Liam confront Bill in the hospital room, and though he shed a tear, he appeared not to be swayed by his father’s words trying to excuse his behavior. Honestly, like Steffy has to be married to someone to have a baby and needs ‘protection’? Please!

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Candace Young


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