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Deconstructing B&B: Stephanie’s Snarky ‘return’ a Wedding Gift to Fans

February 5 - 9

It was a whirlwind week as Brooke and Ridge’s wedding was planned, executed, and celebrated by family and friends, with the exception of Liam, who remained, appropriately, holed up and hurting, though still receiving visitors. The highlight of it all was Stephanie’s portrait making a reappearance along with her message to Brooke from beyond the grave. Thoughts:

Flirtation station.
While Thorne was helping plan the wedding he was vehemently opposed to since arriving back in Los Angeles, he began flirting with Katie, who was also enthusiastically helping get ready for Brooke to marry Ridge, mere months after going to extremes to expose his cheating with Quinn in order to save her sister from this very fate. Exasperating. Naturally, Brooke began questioning Katie about a romantic connection with Thorne because obviously they live in a bubble and there’s no one else in Los Angeles, including the man Katie is currently having sex with, and oh boy, do these people love to keep it in the family! In any case, Thorne is suddenly off Brooke and clearly hot to get some of what ‘no strings’ man has been getting, but that’s not an overly appealing prospect…what chemistry there is between them is certainly not in the realm of what Katie has with Wyatt, who, by the way, needs to step up and assert himself in all of this so he is never the ‘second-best’ chump again.

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Down and out.
While the wedding plans and flirtations and such moved forward at the speed of light, Liam remained in that dank hotel room in possibly the same clothes. One could almost smell the stale air through the TV screen. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Liam’s been besieged with visitors making appeals to forgive Steffy, or this week’s twist, go to the wedding with Steffy and be inspired by Brooke and Ridge’s example. A stretch if there ever was one. The pressure was only alleviated by the perky sandwich-bearing Hope with her ‘magic knock’. Ugh, why? It’s almost like they want viewers to be irritated by her and root for Liam and Steffy. It was a relief to see Liam distracted from his own troubles by Wyatt’s revelation that he’d been having sex with Katie. Loved it!

Another go ’round.
Brooke decided to put Stephanie’s portrait back up on the wall for her millionth wedding at the Forrester mansion, and regardless of their controversial history, this was a highlight – she’s so missed. The wedding itself was gushingly romantic, breathtakingly beautiful, and filled with every element a bride and groom could want, but because “B&B” does so many similar weddings one after the other, or perhaps because Ridge and Brooke have had so many weddings and attempts at weddings, they’ve definitely taken on a bit of a run-of-the-mill feel, which is unfortunate. On a positive note, the ‘Bridge’ fans loved it, and that’s amazing. Viewers reacted:

With that said, the reception was lots of fun what with Donna catching the bouquet, the dancing (Julius!), Thorne stealing a kiss from Katie that Wyatt happened to see (Ooo!), and of course the best of the best, the ‘slut from the valley’, Brooke, receiving that deliciously snarky message from beyond as Susan Flannery returned as Stephanie’s voice. Perfect.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Candace Young


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