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Deconstructing B&B: Brooke & Ridge Wedding Fervor Seems Surreal

January 29 – February 2

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, the characters all come across as hypocrites when attacking others for things they have done themselves. The repetitive storylines also add to a growing sense of weariness and unreality for viewers, as we try to buy into the Forrester family and employees celebrating Ridge and Brooke’s millionth engagement/wedding as though it’s their first or second time at the altar, and prepare for what could be the umpteenth triangle involving Steffy, Liam, and Hope. Thoughts:

Say what?
Bill’s appeal to Steffy to get together and raise the baby seemed particularly tone deaf in light of Steffy’s determination to win Liam’s forgiveness and his own vow to do whatever it takes to reunite them. Whatever delusions he had were dashed as she sent him packing. Bill, who changed the target of his obsession from Brooke, to his skyscraper, to Steffy in the space of few weeks, has been compromised for this plot. I don’t know what to think about where he goes from here, honestly.

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Bridge burnout.
Ridge and Brooke gathered everyone at Forrester Creations for I think the third announcement surrounding this engagement/wedding and aside from Rick’s reluctance, there was a sense of unreality surrounding the gathering as Hope stood in the same room as Quinn chatting about Brooke’s happiness with no nod to their run-in being the reason Hope left Los Angeles, Thorne agreed out-of-the-blue to be Ridge’s best man after being the picture of animosity toward his brother from the moment of his return, Brooke again passed over Hope to ask Katie to be her maid of honor despite their past issues, and Quinn came across like an over-enthusiastic cartoon character pushing for Brooke and Ridge to get married at the mansion, even offering to remove her portrait. One would assume Brooke wouldn’t want to marry in the house of the woman who scuttled her last wedding to Ridge, let alone wearing the engagement ring she designed with her portrait staring down over them.

It all left me with a sense of observing what was happening on screen, but not able to connect to the ‘fantasy’ playing out at all.

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Ride the wave.
I guess all the hype about Thorne returning to steal Brooke and Forrester Creations was for naught, as the foreshadowing in the dialogue now points to a possible Thorne and Katie pairing down the pike, and Thorne and Rick’s wheedling to Eric about the company changed nothing. If they mess with Katie and Wyatt, which is by the way the worst kept secret in town, before even doing the Bill reveal it will be perplexing and a little annoying. Bell seems to get easily distracted and swerves and we all are left scratching our heads – Sheila’s back and she’s going to cause big trouble, wait, Thorne is back and he’s going to make huge waves, wait, Hope is coming home and will shake things up…

Do not disturb.
Liam’s hotel room continued to host a revolving door of visitors determined to press the issue of forgiveness, and you just had to laugh at their inability to accept his position:

The exception was Sally, who – sorry not sorry – let him know she was interested when and if he was ready to move on. I wish there was more of a draw between them, but they really do just have a ‘friends’ vibe. On the subject of chemistry, there was definitely none between NuHope and her ex-husband Wyatt; such a stilted conversation!

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– Candace Young


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