Deconstructing B&B: Katie Changes up the Dynamic for the New Year

December 25 - 28


It was a short week on “B&B,” but the paternity question was resolved and Thorne moved houses to set us up for the New Year. Thoughts:

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Donna’s return enhanced the heartwarming holiday and some fans were really hoping she would stick around (although it doesn’t appear she has). Others questioned the fanfare and Donna getting along with Pam. I think Donna is a fun character, who would not only have the potential to stir things up, but help to bring more variety to the storylines, which tend to become narrowly focused on a small group and Bell’s ‘flavor of the month’ character, such as Sheila or Thorne. Fans spoke out:

You are the father.
Since Christmas, much of the ensuing drama surrounded Steffy’s paternity test, with Liam gushing and Bill stewing appropriately as she freaked out over not knowing who the father was. Eventually, the doctor got the whole sordid story and delivered the results, which indicated Liam was the biological father – however – Bill was on the scene in time to hear the outcome, leading to speculation that he could have snuck into the lab and monkeyed with the DNA test. Liam turned out to be the father and his and Steffy’s ensuing bliss was a sure sign that it was all going to come crashing down. Instead of a DNA snafu, the twist came with Liam discovering the paternity test and being shattered. Ugh, I felt terrible for him! I had noted Steffy was carrying the paper with the results around in her purse…nothing happens on soaps without a reason.

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Trading spaces.
Thorne played musical houses as Brooke gave him the boot and Katie took him in. Given Katie and Wyatt’s love of role-playing it was a bit surprising that she invited Thorne to stay there, which is bound to put a crimp in their extra-curricular activities. As for Brooke and Ridge, though it’s classic romance fare, the story of their reconciliation was too thin, too quick, and I’m bored already with them repeating the same old lines.

This blog is an opinion piece. Feel free to share your views below. wishes all of its readers a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year!

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– Candace Young


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