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Deconstructing B&B: Brooke’s Triangles Are Becoming Tired

December 4 - 8

While it’s been nice to see more characters on the canvas again, and the hustle and bustle back at Forrester Creations, there still isn’t a storyline that feels fresh or that is really grabbing the attention. Even with a new Thorne, the Brooke triangle idea feels played out, Steffy and Liam’s material was repetitive, and even Sheila’s scheming is tame right now. Thoughts:

Shake up.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, the power dynamic between Thorne and Ridge may be shifting, which should be entertaining to see play out at Forrester Creations. That said, it’s weird that the likes of Steffy and Rick aren’t involved in the interactions at the company, and suddenly Eric is there all the time when previously he stayed home. You just have to laugh. And while Thorne staging a coup at Forrester may well be entertaining, the prospect of him doing battle with Ridge for Brooke’s heart isn’t quite so appealing. Maybe it’s the ‘dreaded triangle’ thing, or perhaps it’s because Brooke just went from Ridge to Bill and back again. Fans weighed in:

With all that said, there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing Ridge get called out when he’s being arrogant, not to mention being shoved to the ground!

Gossip central.
Sheila’s found the sweet spot at Il Giardino, the perfect venue to run into all the key players as she manipulates and schemes. She was clearly in her element getting to reveal Ridge and Quinn’s affair to Thorne, though it was beyond a stretch to believe that Eric disowned Ridge and threw him out of the company and Thorne, an immediate family member and company executive, never heard about it! Back to Sheila, it was also fun to see her interact again with Quinn, who taunted about her happiness with Eric, while Sheila needled her back about being with him for his money. However, this is all a little tame for Sheila. I think she should either go big or leave again for a while.

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Sick with guilt?
Over in Malibu, Steffy continued to be a frazzled mess wracked with guilt. It was no wonder Liam was questioning her and throwing puzzled looks. Meanwhile, Bill continued to weird me out with his refusal to apologize for loving Steffy and finally being with her, while simultaneously stressing the need to keep it a secret forever. It’s just so tangled. That said, I can’t take another week of repetitive dialogue in this storyline so here’s hoping something will happen to move it forward one way or another. I don’t know about others, but when Steffy said the guilt was literally making her sick, my mind went immediately to pregnancy. I’m sure Liam’s new discovery that she used the guesthouse and lied will be forgotten and swept under the carpet if there’s baby news.

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– Candace Young


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