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Deconstructing B&B: Thorne’s Return Shifts His Dynamic With Ridge

November 27 – December 1:

Well, the new dynamic between Ridge and Thorne is intriguing, and his return came just at the right time as the show needed some other storylines besides Bill and Liam’s with Steffy to restore balance. Thoughts:

He’s back and means business.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, awkwardness reigned at the Forrester Thanksgiving, and that uncomfortable feeling continued after the fact when Ingo Rademacher debuted as Thorne Forrester and came face-to-face with Ridge. The animosity was present right off the bat with Ridge needling his ‘little brother’, but the dynamic between the two was different from the past as a more formidable Thorne not only called Ridge out for being condescending, but also reminded him he has Marone blood and isn’t a full-on Forrester. The soap-y senses were tingling – this could get ugly – and that was before Thorne took Brooke up on her offer to stay at her house. Knowing that Thorne has come back to claim the business and Brooke as well, there’s been a predictable feel from the get-go, however I’ve decided to hold out hope that there will be some unexpected twists and it will prove to be entertaining. Viewers reacted to Thorne’s return:

While all is well with Steffy and Liam for the moment, she is secretly tortured by guilt, he still has Sally sniffing around, and Bill continues to be all over the place as he flips between ‘Liam must never know! I don’t want to lose my son! I hate myself!’ and telling Steffy that they are meant to be and pushing to run away with her. Crazy. Add to the mix the news that Hope has been recast and is headed back, and it’s all sounding incredibly messy for the foreseeable future, which leaves me hopeful for soapy goodness, but also terrified of a return to the paralyzing and repetitive ‘dreaded triangle’ situation of the past. Hope’s return could also impact Wyatt, who took time out from his hot and heavy relationship with Katie this week to provide more comic relief as the bewildered and suspicious Spencer son whose head was spinning from the extreme ups and downs of his family members’ relationships. I feel his pain, hehe! As for Steffy preparing to confess, I feel certain something will happen to change her mind or derail the moment. We’ll see!

Not done yet.
In yet another storyline, Sheila slithered slowly back into the picture as she wormed her way into the gullible Pam’s good graces, a development that had Charlie choking on his leftover turkey sandwiches. Funny! Eric was back to being dopey as he listened to Sheila go on about ‘testing’ Quinn rather than getting angry she was still in town. It’s all kind of an eye-roller as there is no way any of these people would be falling for her redemption crap again so soon after she was exposed for plotting with Mateo…if ever.

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– Candace Young


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