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Deconstructing B&B: Awkwardness Reigns at the Forrester Thanksgiving

November 20 - 22

Well, at least we had the tradition of the Forrester Thanksgiving to look forward to this week, and knowing we’re mere days from the debut of Ingo Rademacher’s Thorne Forrester also helped, because the rest was a bit of a mess. There’s a disconnect with the Bill/Steffy/Liam stuff and the first two days of the week revolved around that almost exclusively. Thoughts:

Pre-holiday blues.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Steffy and Bill’s tryst pushed viewers’ buttons, so there was definitely controversy and angst. However, it’s increasingly difficult to relate to anyone or anything in this plot. Steffy renewed her vows to Liam minutes after arriving home hysterical over having had sex with his father, Liam went from so thoroughly hating everything Bill stood for that he risked everything to oppose it, to throwing himself at Bill’s mercy while (conveniently) making a huge deal out of his father’s ‘loyalty’, and as for Dollar Bill, he’s changed allegiances so often it’s given us whiplash. One week he’s desperate to reconcile with his son and seeking his forgiveness, the next he’s fully prepped to run off with the guy’s wife, then it’s back to hugging it out. A week ago, he was telling Brooke they were destined to be together, and this week it was Steffy. How are we supposed to relate to these characters when they jump from one extreme to the other? With that said, many are enjoying the drama and looking forward to what’s next:

Pam and Charlie planning the Thanksgiving kitchen schedule with military precision got me laughing and anticipating the family gathering, but Quinn and Eric’s conversation was another matter. They only stopped talking about Sheila long enough to rehash all that they’ve ‘brought to one another’s life’, which was sweet, but a ‘heartfelt speech’ we basically know by heart at this point. Meh.

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Seating arrangements.
As always, awkwardness reigned at the Forrester Thanksgiving gathering starting with Quinn’s offbeat greeting to Katie. Charlie and Quinn shuddering over Sheila’s portrait was worth a giggle, and then it was time for more awkwardness – Quinn and Eric questioning Steffy about the guesthouse, Liam having to say something nice to Sally in front of Steffy, Katie complimenting Wyatt while Quinn rolled her eyes, Ridge and Bill grimacing when each of them spoke to Brooke, Brooke coolly making nice with Bill, Bill having Steffy on his right, and of course, Steffy thanking Liam for loving her despite her faults. Eep, if he only knew. Always a good time, and always guaranteed to make me crave turkey and stuffing!

I’m thankful for all of you taking the time to read the blog, and hoping you’ll share your own opinions in the comment section or on social media. Here’s wishing our US readers a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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– Candace Young


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