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Deconstructing B&B: Steffy & Bill Tryst Pushes Viewers’ Buttons

November 13 - 17

Once again this week, there was really only a single storyline featured, but hopefully that will soon change as Thorne’s return will cause turmoil and we have the Forrester Thanksgiving coming up, which is bound to be an awkward one this year, all things considered. Thoughts:

Silver linings.
While Steffy walked out on Liam, over at the Spectra apartment, Coco pointed out the possible silver lining to Sally – she could end up with Liam. Cue Sally’s daydream about living as Liam’s wife, which was actually kind of cute, but nothing that drove me into a frenzy for them to become a couple. Over at Liam’s, Wyatt was reminding his brother why he was a numbskull to put Steffy second to Sally, a conversation which yielded an epiphany or two from Liam (I lost my perspective! I can’t lose Steffy!), along with some hilarious, quizzical facial expressions courtesy of Wyatt to save the otherwise repetitive nature of the scene.

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The forbidden leads to guilt-ridden.
I had to laugh when Steffy headed to the Forrester guesthouse and parked herself on the sofa (conveniently located right next to the bed), as we all knew that Bill would show up to ‘comfort’ her. Bill, who has been all over the place where Liam is concerned – one minute mourning the loss of their relationship and desperate to mend it, the next badmouthing him relentlessly – decided that his son didn’t deserve Steffy and proceeded to get entirely carried away while giving her a pep talk to boost her self-esteem. The next thing we knew he was caressing her face, proclaiming his love, then boom, we saw them wake up naked together after having had sex. Ack. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, the couples’ break-ups and rifts seemed plot-driven and perhaps this is part of the reason the Steffy and Bill hook-up felt off. There is no denying the duo has chemistry and history, but in these circumstances jumping into bed was a stretch. If Liam and Sally had had sex in the rubble and Liam had announced he was leaving Steffy for her…then maybe. Truly the one thing in all of this that resonated for me was Steffy’s mention that deep down, she knew Liam wouldn’t have kissed Sally if he didn’t have feelings for her.

Steffy’s mortified reaction to waking up beside Bill was palpable – definitely not the good kind of heavy breathing – and her intense regret was in sharp contrast to Bill’s self-satisfied expression as he later replayed their tryst in his mind. This could spell trouble! With all that said, the sex flashbacks were hot stuff, and Brad Bell continued to push the envelope and push viewers’ buttons with this one. Fans reacted:

As for Steffy and Liam’s warp speed vow renewal, I didn’t know what to feel about that in the wake of what happened, but again, Steffy’s mindset was certainly miles from Bill’s as he planned a getaway for them on the Stella Maris!

However will I pay you?
How much fun are Katie and Wyatt? They just keep bringing the surprises, laughs, and the chemistry. Wyatt at the bedroom door with the fake mustache and pizza hat was gold. I also laughed out loud at them munching on the pizza after sex while discussing whether or not to tell Bill about them. Can’t get enough!

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– Candace Young


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