Bold & Beautiful’s Blowing Off A Hot New Couple In Favor of the Same Old, Same Old

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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (3); CBS Screenshot

It was another week where not an awful lot happened, leaving me to wonder if someone at Bold & Beautiful forgot that May is a “sweeps” month, when big things generally take place. But hey, we’re here, so let’s talk about a few things, shall we? 

Just Say No

Why did Finn go to see his mom at the prison? Perhaps we need to sit both Finn and his dad, Jack, down and explain to them that an E-mail is not the equivalent of a summons. It has no legal weight at all and does not mean you must immediately go dashing off to visit with the incarcerated person who sent it.

Bold beautiful finn sheila jail

“Of course I came! Your E-mail said that my Netflix account was on hold due to billing issues. But I won’t fall for that again!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Finn told Steffy that he needed to go see Sheila in order to make it clear that she would never be a part of their lives. But hey, you know an even better way of getting that message across? By simply not giving Sheila exactly what she wants and showing your pretty face at the local jailhouse!

Speaking of which… in what universe is Mike being allowed to spend time with Sheila? He claims to still have “connections” but it’s hard to imagine any of the guards would be willing to bend the rules for a guy who helped a prisoner escape so she could go on a murderous rampage.

I Spy

Steffy continued to fret about the encounter she supposedly saw between Thomas and Hope, and I continued to tell anyone who’d listen that she couldn’t possibly have seen what she was describing. I did, however, get a massive kick out of her saying that Hope was “gazing with desire.” Has Steff been reading bodice-rippers in her spare time?

Hope B&B

“Huh,” though Hope. “Was I gazing at Thomas with desire? Or did I skip breakfast and find myself dreaming of Pam’s lemon bars?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The one person Steffy probably should have shared these concerns with, Liam, remained blissfully ignorant of his wife’s supposedly-lustful gazes. It struck me as odd that as he repeatedly grilled Steffy about Thomas and Hope’s working relationship, Liam didn’t notice his favorite ex-wife practically overflowing with unspilled tea. Then again, Liam’s never really been the observant type, has he?

Destiny Rides Again

So far, it seems as if Ridge Jr. has been brought back to town for no reason other than to champion a reunion between his parents. We spent a big chunk of listening to Steffy urge mom Taylor to reunite with Ridge, so I guess having R.J. wave his #TeamBridge flag for a while is only fair. Plus, it allows the writers to do their favorite thing: recycle dialogue. Change the names, and R.J. is basically trotting out the same lines Steffy used last year.

RJ Steffy B&B

“Hit your mom on the head with a pine cone,” Steffy advised R.J. “That’s all it took to change my dad’s mind.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I don’t know what we’re supposed to make of Taylor urging Deacon to throw his hat back into Brooke’s ring. I mean, I don’t hate that idea — as I was reminded by the sexy Brooke/Deacon flashbacks — but if the show really wants to sell me on that idea, they shouldn’t have Taylor being the one to push it. Why? Because Krista Allen and Sean Kanan are an absolute blast together.

Taylor Deacon B&B

“I get free pizza. You get free counseling. Seems like a match made in heaven if you ask me!”

Credit: CBS screenshot

No matter how much Taylor tried telling Deacon that she had no ulterior motives in pushing him toward Brooke, I think we all know that we’re about to dive right back into the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle, whether we want to or not. That strikes me as kinda ridiculous given that we finally have the trio in a place where they can go out and find new partners. Brooke and Jack, maybe? Deacon and Taylor, definitely. Ridge and… well, I wouldn’t mind one bit if he and Quinn crossed paths again. Or perhaps its time for Shauna to remind him of just how much fun they had together.

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