Wait, Did Bold & Beautiful Just ‘Drop’ A Hint About What’s Going On With Hope?

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If you aren’t into the Hope/Thomas storyline, you probably didn’t get much out of this week’s Bold & Beautiful episodes. And heck, even if you are into that story, you still probably didn’t get much out of the episodes, given that most of the week was spent having the same conversations over and over. At least by week’s end we had movement — literally — when the much-discussed pair headed to San Francisco. As for me, I spent the week obsessing over a single moment which may have meant nothing… or could have been the show’s way of revealing everything. What the heck do I mean by that? Read on, friends!

Doubting Thomas

For my money, the Thomas we’re seeing on screen is the real deal. Do I wish we’d actually sat in on more of the therapy sessions which paved the way for his transition into a good guy? Definitely. Do I wish we could actually see him on some of the dates he told mom Taylor he’s been going on? Without a doubt. But this show has long been one which ignores the basic rule of “show us, don’t tell us.”

Bold B&B Taylor watches Thomas office

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That said, I think Thomas is a changed man. Why do I believe that? Because it makes for a far better story. It seems inevitable that we’re building toward Hope throwing herself at Thomas, him doing the right thing by keeping her at arm’s length… but nobody believing him. After all, everybody nows that Hope is the good girl who doesn’t go for bad boys. How do we know? Because we’ve been told it a thousand times over the past few weeks.

This could actually provide some powerful scenes should it unfold as I suspect. Imagine how hurt Thomas will be when everyone assumes he’s once again obsessed with Hope. It should give fantastic material to Matthew Atkinson, especially where the Thomas/Taylor relationship is concerned. No one has been a bigger supporter, so if she should find herself doubting her son… yeah, that’ll be some emotionally devastating scenes.

Thirst Trap

Now, let’s talk about one particular scene which aired this week… and which I’ve become borderline obsessed with. I’ve shown it to numerous people, saying, “Wait… do you see what I see?” Meaning… do you see this show finally starting to explain what’s really going on with Hope?

It was a simple scene — basically a rerun of a Steffy/Hope confrontation which had taken place a day or two earlier. But during this one, Hope suddenly dropped the bottle of water she’d been holding throughout the scene. She apologized, bent over to pick it up and the scene went on.

Steffy Hope B&B

No big deal, right?

Unless it was. Because the way the scene was shot — from the camera angles and cuts to the music cue — made me think there was something more to the scene than met the eye. A day later, as Thomas and Hope were jetting off for San Francisco, they were both very conspicuously holding the same type of water bottle.

What’s Up With That?

Were this any other show, I probably wouldn’t make much of it. But as I say all the time, Bold & Beautiful is not a soap which does subtle. So while most people I talked to said, essentially, “sometimes a water bottle is just a water bottle,” I’m pretty convinced that Hope wasn’t just dropping her refreshing beverage but also a clue as to what the heck is going on with her.

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When I voiced this theory to friends, most scoffed, and then asked if I thought Thomas might be drugging Hope. And no, I don’t believe that’s the case. I think someone might be, but not Thomas. At least I really, really hope it’s not him.

For the record, nobody else agrees with me on this theory, so I’ll be interested to hear what y’all have to say in the comments. Most are more focused on what appears to be Hope developing a “Brooke-like” personality. I don’t buy that because it would be coming out of absolutely nowhere, and that’s not generally how dissociative identity disorder works. Plus, there’s been no actual disassociation, as Hope seems to remember everything that’s happening.

Random Thoughts

• You can never, ever go wrong by putting the Spencer brothers together in scenes. But it drives me insane that as they’re talking about Hope, they never discuss the fact that Wyatt was once involved with her. Along those same lines, it’s kinda ridiculous that Liam would get flustered/embarrassed upon walking in on Finn and Steffy making out.

• If everybody and their literal mothers is so concerned about Hope and Thomas, why didn’t someone join them on the trip to San Francisco? It’s not like Steffy, Taylor or Liam was busy with work.

• Did anybody not know that Hope and Thomas would wind up getting stranded in San Francisco?

• How does Steffy keep flashing back to Thomas and Hope holding hands — something she couldn’t possibly have seen given that the way the scene was shot, where she was standing and that the door was almost entirely closed?

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