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Deconstructing B&B: Sheila’s ‘Magic Hands’ Plan Brings Sexy Back

October 9 - 13

While the sexy ‘imagination’ scenes with Mateo and Quinn turned up the heat, and the Quinn walking in on Wyatt and Katie was hilarious, the rest of “B&B” is still leaving something to be desired as the developments continue to feel plot-driven and are happening either too fast or too slow as the characters endlessly repeat the same lines. I’m totally sick of hearing Sheila vow that her portrait will hang in the Forrester mansion, and Bill vow that Liam will pay. Thoughts:

As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Brooke instantly swapping Bill for Ridge holds little appeal, particularly when she just did the reverse before marrying Bill. RJ’s overt interest in his parents’ attraction, along with Ridge pouncing, makes the situation more annoying as well. Brooke dumping Bill was too fast, too plot-driven, and of course there is that soap opera hypocrisy involved – suddenly Katie is ‘rooting’ for Ridge when she was literally obsessed with exposing his affair with Quinn and stopping her sister from marrying him mere months ago! Ack.

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Taking the plunge.
Sally is also moving too quickly, as this week they had her ‘let Liam know’ that she would be interested in getting together with him if he weren’t married to Steffy. I felt like it was way too soon to be jumping from ‘thanks for the help’ to romantic feelings. Sure the pairing could have potential at some point, but forcing it so soon after Thomas’ abrupt departure, and when the only ‘issues’ between Liam and Steffy are contrived for the sake of the plot, is going to make it a miss.

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Father and son showdown.
Where Liam and Bill are concerned, it’s pretty typical for Bill to be bullheaded and vengeful, but suddenly I can’t relate to Liam, who is uncharacteristically rigid where he normally would be having an inner struggle, nor Steffy, who is constantly insisting she supports Liam while pushing Bill’s point of view. Bill’s warnings about revenge have become repetitive and the situation is almost cartoonish with Steffy as the damsel and Bill threatening to make Liam’s ‘world go down in flames’. I was hoping for something a little more clever and character-driven, but alas, “B&B” is known for being on the ‘campy’ side, so it is what it is.

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The magic hands plan.
Sheila is maddeningly repeating her tagline about that damn portrait, and meanwhile has taken up residence lurking in Mateo’s mind with echoing warnings about ‘getting the job done’. I just had to laugh at Charlie demanding Sheila leave Los Angeles. Good try! Hehe. Sheila won’t be going anywhere, as her latest plan is in gear, with hot-as-hell Mateo on course to seduce Quinn on the massage table. Some are hoping Mateo won’t turn out to be as basic as he seems, and there will be a twist. To start with:

Anyway, something tells me the seduction isn’t going to go well despite Mateo’s appeal, as Quinn only seems to have eyes for the doddering Eric. Sheila won’t like this, so I expect more scheming will be necessary. In the meantime, fans reacted to Mateo’s fantasy kiss with Quinn:

No, no, no!
Loved Quinn walking in on Katie and Wyatt, who, by the way, are still as hot as ever together. Let the games begin! Oh, and lock the damn door from now on!

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– Candace Young


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