Bold & Beautiful Sets up a New Battle at Forrester — Plus, Will Deacon Risk It All to Help Sheila Bust Out?!

April 17 - 21

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On the heels of Bill and Ridge’s big reveal and Sheila’s incarceration, Bold & Beautiful has been angling toward new stories and we’ve seen the return of a core character. Will there be shake-ups in the “same old, same old” romance department? Will Deacon and Sheila’s story end here? Has Ridge Jr come back to stir the pot? Let’s take a look.

Changing Things Up

While it’s beyond unbelievable that Hope would ever fall for Thomas after everything he’s done, that appears to be what’s happening. I suspect it’s an attraction that will lead us down the path of Hope examining her issues involving her mother’s reputation. Will something happen between Hope and Thomas? The vibe is certainly screaming, “Yes,” and yet the foreshadowing is that Thomas will turn her down if she goes there. I’m all for switching up the dynamic, aside from the fact that it seemed to happen overnight. If Thomas turns her down, will he be able to keep rejecting her? I think not. Again, it’s fun to change things up, and a rift between Hope and Liam is to be expected at this point… it gets boring otherwise. As it’s playing out, Liam is already gravitating toward Steffy again. Yeah, that’s groan-worthy but not surprising for Bold & Beautiful.


After that huge twist with Bill and Sheila, he’s turned his attention back to “his Katie”. I’m of two minds on this one. Bill rocking the Katie and Carter boat is appealing because, well… they’re no Carter and Quinn. On the other hand, the emerging chemistry between Bill and Taylor seems worthy of exploration and would be something different. It’s too hard to buy Katie going back to Bill after all that’s happened and Taylor needs a man other than Ridge. Bill and Tay hooking up would send the dressmaker for a loop and might put an end to the truce they called while working together to put Sheila away. Would you like to see “Batie” give it another go, or are you open to Taylor and Bill? Let us know in the comments.

And Then There’s You

Speaking of Taylor, her scenes with Sheila were one of the highlights of the week. Viewers waited a long time to see Doc have her say after Sheila shot her daughter, left her for dead, and then boldly befriended Taylor in the hospital afterward. The confrontation was perfection.

Busting Out

Also a highlight was the cameo by Lil Nax X and James Corden who were totally delightful distractions as Deacon and Hope sat there discussing the dreaded Sheila. Sean Kanan is doing a great job of showing the warring emotions on his face whenever someone rants about how great it is to have the psychopath behind bars where she belongs. If Hope only knew! After the scenes with the guest stars, which appeared to be a hoot to film, Deacon trotted off to the jail to make his amends to his “sexy nine-toed beauty”. While this quirky romance, for lack of a better word, was a fun twist, I’m hoping this is the end of it. Deacon’s elevated status as a restaurateur puts him on a more level playing field with the likes of Bill and Ridge and gives the character more staying power. He’s doomed if he spirals further into this Sheila thing and ends up busting her out of prison or something. That said, it could be coming, as there have been a lot of people taunting Sheila that she can’t escape, which is a sure sign that’s exactly what will happen.

Battle of the Brothers?

With the return of the SORAS’d Ridge Jr, Bold & Beautiful has set the scene for another battle at Forrester Creations. Presumably, RJ has come back proficient in fashion design (they mentioned his talent on day one), which means he’ll be giving someone a run for their money. With RJ being Brooke’s son and Thomas being Taylor’s, it’s a likely setup for the two to compete and for their father and mothers to get dragged into it. Who remembers the days of Thomas going at it with Rick? Will RJ ahve ideas for his sister’s line? We’ll have to see about that, but next week, he’ll receive a lucrative offer from his pops. What else could it be but a position in the family business?

It’s also a good bet that RJ may be the next Steffy, in that he’ll lobby relentlessly for his parents to get back together. Here’s hoping that’s not the case as it’s a worn-out theme. As for romance, he can compete with Thomas for the attention of the models, or perhaps he’ll latch onto Paris. Given there are no other characters his age, the options are limited.

In related commentary, I rolled my eyes when Brooke started talking about missing RJ on the day he returned after all of the time he’s been gone with nary a mention. You just have to laugh.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to give your take on this week’s episodes of Bold & Beautiful in the comment section.

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