Bold & Beautiful Fans Might Want To Brace Themselves For Another [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] Hook Up… And No, We Don’t Mean Thomas and Hope!

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So here’s the thing. I really wasn’t feeling all that inspired by this week’s episodes. I said to my fellow staffers, “I wonder if the world will come to an end if I just… don’t do a column this week?” Being the wildly supportive group that they are — or perhaps thinking, “Hey, if it works for him, can I do it too?” — they quickly signed off on that idea. But then I thought to myself, “Richard, you have a duty to regular readers like Wicked Red and Jayde! At the very least, say something about Thomas so that they can vent in your general direction!” And so, without further ado… 

Doubting Thomas

I haven’t got a clue what’s going on with Hope — Brain tumor? Dissociative identity disorder? Really, really early midlife crisis? — but I’ll admit that I’m intrigued. It feels as if she’s simply… giving in to lustful thoughts because her mom put the notion in her head that she’s a good girl. But it can’t be that simple, right? I mean, catching a glimpse of Thomas’ picture over Steffy’s shoulder seemed to send Hope off into fantasyland!

B&B thomas pic on steffy's desk

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Meanwhile, Thomas continues to insist he’s a changed man and — much as I know this will shock some of you — I really, truly want to believe him! Imagine if while dealing with whatever the heck she’s dealing with, Hope throws herself at Thomas… who remains strong and keeps her at arm’s length. If someone were to catch them in yet another compromising position, Hope — unable to deal with her own inexplicable behavior — might lie and suggest Thomas came onto her.

Who would stand by her side? What if even Taylor began questioning his claims of innocence? I’d totally watch that story, because for once, it would allow Thomas to be the good guy. Heck, he might even let himself take the blame in order to protect Hope and her marriage!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

The scene in which Hope offered up suggestions as to whom Thomas should date was downright weird. First of all, everyone she named worked for the company. Given Thomas’ history, perhaps that shouldn’t really be encouraged!

Charlotte Thomas B&B

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But odder still, she didn’t namecheck Charlotte, who had not only just been in the room two minutes earlier — clearly flirting with him on her way out the door —  but with whom Thomas already shares history! (That’s the two of them canoodling back in 2017, when Thomas was played by Pierson Fode.)

Here We Go Again

Who’s ready to have Steffy and Liam give it another go? No? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re going. I mean, Friday’s episode featured Steffy going on and on to Hope about how both of their marriages are in such awesome shape. Plus, we got an awful lot of Liam and Steffy bonding (more on that in a moment.)

bold thomas liam office

We also got Thomas saying he wouldn’t make a play for Hope, even if she were to hit on him. And you could practically see Liam — who is pretty well known for overreacting to absolutely everything — jumping to the wrong conclusion, running down the hall and declaring to Steffy, “I made a mistake! Take me back!”

The big question is how Finn will play into all of his. He’s well aware of the history his wife has with Liam (and his dad). Only time will tell…

Mixed Messages

Brooke said all the right things to Ridge this week, but her actions didn’t back up her words. “We’re not teenagers anymore,” she chided her randy ex. “We can’t give in to every impulse, every desire.” Sounds like she’s learned from the past, right? Just one tiny problem…

Brooke Ridge B&B

She was saying those things while wearing sexy lingerie, practically cooing each word and giving him her best come-hither look! Later, she wasn’t completely honest with Taylor when describing her night with Ridge. (And just to drive that point home in the most obvious way possible, Taylor just had to say that this version of Brooke wouldn’t traipse around in a nightie… you know, the way she just had.)

Brooke Hollis B&B

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What was the point of Taylor and Brooke having their big epiphany about Ridge if we’re just going to go back to that triangle? And it certainly feels as if that’s where we’re heading.. (Sorry, Hollis, but pretty sure you’re just a temporary distraction… )

Random Thoughts

• The Thursday scenes in which co-parents Steffy and Liam discussed their daughter’s popularity and managing Kelly’s crowded schedule was fantastic. It was a real moment that every person in the audience could relate to. Sure, Steffy and Liam are rich and have nanny’s, but in that moment, they were ridiculously human.

Bold beautiful steffy liam office

• Why does nobody at Forrester Creations ever mention the couture line? It’s as if Hope for the Future is now the only line the company puts out. And how many times a year does HFTF roll out a new collection? There was the big show last November, another in January (which debuted off-screen) and now they’re rushing out a third!

• Shouldn’t HFTF be looking for another designer, just in case things don’t go smoothly with Thomas? Why are they putting themselves in the position of once again having the exact same problem they did two months ago?

• My favorite line of the week had to go to Liam, who had this to say to Wyatt: “Hope and I are never going to agree about Thomas. Because when I look at him, I don’t see a better man, I see a better liar. I see an algorithm that is just learning with every failed manipulation.” Not that it was particularly witty, but it was a great metaphor.

Warning: Playing the Soap Opera Drinking Game — the rules of which can be found in the gallery below — while watching Bold & Beautiful could be detrimental to your health!