Is Bold & Beautiful’s Hope Morphing Into Mom Brooke? Plus, #TeamBraylor For the Win!

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Every now and then, Bold & Beautiful‘s writers get a phrase stuck in their head and make sure to incorporate it into every script for weeks on end. And soon, that phrase is magically transferred into our heads. But this week, their latest phrase put a song in my head that I just can’t shake. Sing along with me… “Bad boy, bad boy. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” That’s the question, and we’re gonna talk about it… 

Role Reversal

Around the middle of the week, Brooke and Hope shared a scene in which the mom went on and on about how her daughter has never been attracted to bad boys, thank goodness! And anyone with any experience in this particular universe knew that by week’s end, Hope would be looking at Thomas the way I do new cruise ships.

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Before that happened, however, we got an absolutely amazing scene which allowed Annika Noelle to show just how fantastic she is when given material to sink her teeth into. Watching Hope read Liam for filth was downright thrilling. And it was the rare instance where a character was allowed to say all — or at least most — of the things we actually wanted them to.

Sure, Steffy’s name was never actually said, but as Hope spoke about everything she’d been put through by her husband, the exec’s presence was definitely felt. While I didn’t love that by Friday, Hope was basically apologizing to Liam (despite having absolutely no reason to)… but all was forgiven (by me) when their make-out session led to her fantasizing about Thomas again.

Everybody Drink!

Something tells me that Hope asking, “What’s going on with me?” is going to become one of those lines we add to our Soap Opera Drinking Game. You know, the one where we chug every time a character does something on the list.

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I can’t help hoping that this doesn’t become one of the oft-spoken phrases the show loves. Why? Because we just spent several months listening to everyone on the canvas ask, “What’s going on with Bill?” So I’m not in love with the idea of two so similar storylines. But we shall see how it plays out in the days ahead…

A New Man?

There’s the possibility of this turning into a really interesting story, especially if Thomas remains determined to be a better man. What if Hope, for whatever reason, throws herself at him? I really, really, really (to infinity) want the show to allow Thomas to be the new-and-improved guy he swears he is.

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The easy route would be to have Thomas take advantage of whatever’s going on with Hope. It would play into the character’s history of pretty much always doing the wrong thing, and almost always without even the justification of it being for the right reason. Let’s shake things up! In a world where Brooke and Taylor can be friends, anything is possible… right? Speaking of which…

Gal Pals

The writers have gone from toying with the audience to downright trolling them where Taylor and Brooke are concerned. From Taylor dubbing them “Braylor” — the squish name given to them by the audience — to Ridge jumping to the conclusion, however briefly, that they’d become lovers in his absence, the joke’s gone about as far as it can.

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What’s weird is that this is definitely not something Bold & Beautiful ever does. In other words, much like with the Brooke/Hope situation we discussed earlier, when this show’s writer’s put something out into the universe, it’s a big, flashing sign as to where they’re going. They don’t do subtle.

Then again, by Friday Brooke was traipsing around in a nightie and Ridge was nuzzling her neck. Taylor who?

The Last of Sheila?

As everyone was continuing to hail Bill and Ridge as heroes, the Sheila story just kinda… went away. At the beginning of the week, Li was hissing for her son to let his other mom die, but Finn (of course) donned his white hat and saved Sheila. After that… nothing.

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This was another case of this show being terrible at follow-up. Instead of everybody just sitting around clapping the Dynamic Duo on the back, why wasn’t someone over at the hospital blasting Sheila? Steffy should have been at the patient’s bedside, saying if it had been her choice, her monster-in-law would be in the morgue.

I’m sure we’ll get more of this story eventually, but the newly-dropped teasers for next week have not a single mention of Sheila.

Random Thoughts

• Brooke planned a dinner for Ridge, Liam, Hope and the kids on her living room table? Sure, nobody but Ridge showed up, but she didn’t know that when she was setting things up. Someone get this woman a dining room table, for heaven’s sake!

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• Given that the new R.J. will be showing up any day now, look for more scenes in which his parents remember he’s alive… something they haven’t done much of lately.

• Wonder what Zende’s up to now that he’s been booted from Hope for the Future.

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