Bold & Beautiful’s Wonder Woman Vibes and ‘Hot’ Topic Left Us With Burning Questions

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The plan to bring down Sheila picked up steam this week on Bold & Beautiful, but it continued to leave me with more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Hope landed in the hot seat (as in having Steffy ask, “Do you think my brother is?”) and Ridge was relegated to second-banana status. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s dive in! 

With This Ring

It shouldn’t have surprised me that Bill and Ridge’s plan would boil down to the former getting down on one knee to suggest he and Sheila tie the knot. After all, this show loves nothing more than to rush people down the aisle. But there’s a few holes in this particular plan. For example, Bill’s endless recitation of the line “You know, this means we can be completely honest with one another” would set off alarm bells for anyone with say, a murder or two to hide.

Sheila Bill B&B

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And what if Sheila says, “Not only will I marry you, but in true Bold & Beautiful style I wanna do it right now. Call and see if Carter and the Forrester living room are available.” According to the generally accepted rules of TV law, she could marry Bill, confess her sins and then claim “spousal privilege” to prevent him from testifying against her. Now, in the real world that’s not really how the law works, but hey, if Ridge and Bill can suddenly be deputized FBI agents, anything goes, right?

What’s Up With That?

Meanwhile, can anyone explain to me what, exactly, Ridge’s role is in this storyline? I’ve yet to hear anything that explains why he had to abandon his family and business in order to crack jokes with Bill and annoy Agent Chen in that little computer room. Obviously, this story helped facilitate a little time away for Thorsten Kaye, but it did so at the expense of logic, which is never a good thing. Friday’s episode found Ridge telling Bill that everyone had their part to play… but I’ll be damned if I can figure out his.

Ridge Bill B&B

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That said, given that I’ve always enjoyed any scenes involving Bill and Ridge sniping at one another, this partnership is something of a win in my book. I could listen to Bill mocking his longtime nemesis’ recent hairstyle by dubbing him “Samurai Sam” all day. Ironically, this week gave us scenes in which Ridge seemed to be playing the role of the audience, watching the Bill/Sheila action unfolding on screen and shouting, “Get on with it!”

Who’s The Boss?

Speaking of people whose roles are unclear in this whole mess, it seems as if Agent Chen’s official capacity here is “Assistant to the Rich Dudes.” How else to explain that Bill suddenly just decided, “Hey, you know what? I’m gonna propose to Sheila… that’ll get her to confess!” without consulting Chen (or anyone else for that matter).

Sheila Deacon B&B

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As for Sheila, it seemed odd that she didn’t question for a moment that after months of Bill being dark and broody, he was suddenly downright cheerful and charming. (As Chen pointed out, “For a criminal mastermind, Sheila’s kinda gullible!”) Then again, she’s suffered her own personality flip-flops over the past two weeks. Only a few episodes ago, she was freaking out at the thought of Bill finding out that she and Deacon were hooking up. Yet this week, she was playfully mocking Deacon for expressing those same concerns.

Look, Don’t Touch

My favorite moment of the week might have been when Steffy said to Hope, with a totally straight face, “It’s my job to know. Are you attracted to my brother? Do you think he’s hot?” At that moment, I kinda wanted to see the co-CEO’s job description. And if that’s her job, what, exactly, falls under Ridge’s purview? And who in the HR department signed off on these duties?

Thomas shirtless B&B

I knew Hope would come to regret allowing Paris to force her to admit that Thomas is “hot.” I mean, were this a courtroom, I think any attorney worth their salt would stand up and say, “Your honor, we are willing to stipulate that Mr. Thomas Forrester is, in fact, ‘hot.’ We will also stipulate that he is, in fact, the only designer known to man capable of producing designs for the clothing line known as Hope for the Future.”

I mean, come on. Even Thomas’ detractors have to acknowledge at least one, if not both, of those facts.

Random Thoughts

wonder woman computer

• Every time they cut to that computer room (and cue up the accompanying music cue), all I can think of is that season when Wonder Woman started interacting with a computer nicknamed Ira.

• If the FBI has been working on busting Sheila for months, why did they never find a way to bug Deacon’s apartment or perhaps have Bill give her a piece of jewelry containing a bug so they could listen in on her conversations when she left his mansion?

• Was it a line flub or perhaps Bill’s subconscious seeping through when he asked Sheila to accept the engagement ring and “wear it as a token of my unabiding love for you”… which of course means the exact opposite of what one would say when suggesting an eternal bond.

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