Bold & Beautiful’s Big Twist Left Fans Asking One *Very* Obvious Question

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A few weeks back, I found out the big twist which Bold & Beautiful revealed this week. And you may recall I mentioned that sometimes, knowing what’s coming up doesn’t necessarily mean understanding a story better. This is definitely a case in which that was true. Let’s talk about what we now know… and try to answer a few of the burning questions which have come up as a result! 

Well, Now It All Makes Sense… Or Does it?

From the moment we found out that Bill and Sheila had become an item, everyone — from those in his life to viewers at home — have been awaiting an explanation. Surely there was more to this than Bill being all up in his feels because Katie and Brooke rejected him. Now we know that Bill is, in fact, playing Sheila… with the help of the FBI… and Ridge.

Because why not?

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It’s a little unclear at this point exactly what Ridge’s role in this “investigation” is. Has he been holed away in that computer-filled room, which might explain why he looks so scruffy. (The less said about that ridiculous man bun he’s suddenly sporting, the better. I mean, it’s a choice… )

Two Little Words

As twists go, this one was fun. And I’m not at all opposed to a big reveal resulting in the audience going, “Holy crap… hey, wait a minute!” Because what’s the point of a soap if not to keep us tuning in each day by leaving us hanging? And what’s the best way to leave the audience hanging if not by pulling the rug out from them in such a way that they’re left asking the most important question of all: “What happens next?”

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Preview: Sheila is losing control!

Of course, the other big question fans have been left with — and one I can only presume that will be answered next week — is why Bill got Sheila out of jail in the first place. Unless I’m mistaken, the show actually hinted at the answer during Wednesday’s episode. And it call came down to two little words: “For life.”

Why put Sheila away for a few years for the attempted murder of her son and daughter-in-law when you can toss her behind bars and throw away the key if you get an actual murder confession out of her?

Who Did Sheila Kill?

When Bill was trying to convince Sheila she should bare her soul to him, he admitted that he, too, had killed people. This led to Sheila having a series of flashbacks. The first was of a man falling off a balcony while arguing with Sheila. As the clip along proved, that definitely wasn’t murder. Any halfway decent lawyer could argue that the incident was an accident. Maybe aggravated assault?

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The second clips, however, showed Sheila in full beekeeper garb releasing the buzzing creatures. What newer fans might not know is that she was using those bees to attack a man with a deadly allergy to their venom. And that, my friends, is definitely what they call on Law & Order pre-meditated murder!

Thomas Could Finally Score a Win

Liam reacted to news of his wife working with Thomas exactly the way we knew he would. This could actually be a turning point for Taylor and Ridge’s son. All Thomas has to do is be the best version of himself. Be there to listen when Hope’s marriage starts to fall apart, crank out those designs that apparently only he — out of all the designers in the world — is capable of producing. Without saying a word, he might just prove to Hope that he’s the better man for her.

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More: Sean Kanan (Deacon) opens up about his own painful past

Of course, this will only work if he really, truly, most sincerely has changed… and can silence any of the pesky voices in his head telling him that a little manipulation might help make Liam look even worse or something along those lines.

Where My Single Dudes At?

A few weeks ago, Taylor was all about helping BFF Brooke find a new man. Sure, it resulted in exactly one date with Hollis before he was friendzoned, but at least Taylor made the effort. It’s time for Brooke to do the same. Taylor is a funny, smart, beautiful woman — not to mention a World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending) — who deserves love.

Bold recap Brooke taylor look at Hollis

Casting News: Brooke’s getting some much-needed support!

There are certainly plenty of guys around for her to consider. I know Bold & Beautiful tends to set its mind on a couple and then stick to it, viewer reaction be damned. (Right, Wyatt and Flo?) But why not do a story in which Taylor is basically The Bachelorette, with several guys trying to sweep her off her feet? It would be a great way to do a series of chemistry tests before deciding on a pairing and do something completely different for this show.

Random Thoughts

Liam Hope B&B

• I know I’m not the only one who wanted to slap Liam when he repeatedly asked Hope how many chances she was going to give Thomas. Oh, I don’t know, Liam… I wanna say at least as many as she gave you while you bounced back and forth between her and Steffy?

• Kudos to Bold & Beautiful for the timing on their big reveal. It’s always annoying to me when March Madness (or anything else) interrupts my soaps, but boy, that was one heck of a cliffhanger!

• It was interesting to see Wyatt and Liam hanging out with Deacon. Hope’s husband and father have a rocky-at-best history, but it makes sense that they would try to get along for her sake. I just wish Deacon would cut all ties with Sheila. I just don’t buy that he would risk everything — including his new business and the respect of his daughter — because Sheila’s amazing in the sack.

Which Bold & Beautiful couples, storylines and characters tend to cause skirmishes between fans? Find out in the gallery below! 


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