Bold & Beautiful Just Did the Unthinkable to Bill — Plus, How Steffy Did Hope Wrong

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I wasn’t sure where Bold & Beautiful was going with the Sheila story, but I definitely didn’t expect what we got this week. Meanwhile, things got awkward for Hope thanks to the fact that her new gal pal Steffy put profits above bonding, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a CEO to do. The way she did it, however, was… well, questionable.

Change of Heart

“Living with Bill Spencer is driving me crazy,” declared Sheila to Deacon… and I literally shouted “What?!?” at my television. Only the thought of a repair bill prevented me from throwing the remote through the screen. Because we’ve seen not a single sign of Sheila being anything but thrilled with playing lady of the manor.

Sheila has, from the moment we met her back on Young & Restless, wanted nothing more than love and stability. Now, we’re supposed to believe that she has both with Bill, but she wants to risk it all because Deacon is… what? Good in bed? She insisted that every time she’s with Bill, she closes her eyes and thinks about Deacon, which is great and all except for one thing: It comes out of the blue. We haven’t seen one single sign of that being true.

Bill Sheila sex B&B

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Did they establish that she might have feelings for both men? Definitely. But that she’s not satisfied with Bill? Nope. Sheila indicated Bill’s not as sexually adventurous as Deacon, which is hard to believe if you remember the sado-masochistic sex he engaged in with Quinn. Frankly, it seems like a bad move to have one of the most dynamic men on your show branded a bad lay. But maybe that’s just me.

Clearly, we’re moving into the next phase of the story as Sheila plays with fire despite the fact that Bill can burn her whole life to the ground.

Awkward Much?

While everyone continued wondering what the heck is going on with Bill, I was giving Steffy some serious side eye. Wasn’t it just last week that she was telling people she didn’t know how she could forgive Thomas for what he had done? And just as quickly as Brooke and Taylor had bonded, Steffy had signed up to be a member of #TeamHope.

Steffy Hope B&B

Then those Hope for the Future numbers came in and she was like, “Sorry, Hope, but you’re going under the bus.” And I mean, I get it, business is business. But couldn’t she have taken a private meeting with Hope to suggest Thomas coming back instead of making the poor girl decide his fate in front of him… and his mom?

And what was up with that? Why did Steffy text to suggest Thomas and Taylor should both come to Forrrester Creations, pronto. Nothing says “mature business people basically running a multi-million dollar company” like having mommy there to cheer you on.

This… Means… War!

I’ve been wanting to see this show do a redemption arc with Thomas for ages. If I were writing the stories, Thomas would have said, “Sure, I made some mistakes, but do I really deserve to be booted from the family and the company? Given what y’all have done? No!”

With that, he’d have packed up his sketch pad, rounded up a few discarded former Forrester designers — maybe convince Bridget to don her Madame X outfit again and trade sutures for fabric stitches — and start up a company to compete with Forrester. Bring back the fashion wars!

Ashley Jones, Lesley Anne Down bb madame x jackie am

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With Hope for the Future supposedly struggling, the time couldn’t be more perfect for a competitor to seize upon Forrester’s weakness! And who better to lead the way than the man whose designs are so crucial that literally a month after he left Forrester, HFTF is going belly up?

That Was Fast!

Instead, we were told that Thomas has been seeing a shrink and he’s making a lot of progress. Unfortunately, as so often happens with this soap, they opted to tell us this instead of showing it. I mean, I’m grateful that they didn’t opt to have Taylor serve as his shrink, given that she’s sort of filled that role in the past (or so we’ve been told) and it didn’t seem to go all that great.

But letting us see Thomas in therapy would do two things: First, it would give us insight into what makes him tick. We could actually see him struggling with why he’s done the things he’s done, and that would help accomplish our second goal: Help the audience actually see the change. Convince those in the audience who don’t believe he’s capable of becoming a better man that hey, guess what, he really is!

Thomas Hope B&B

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Meanwhile, the writers worked overtime trying to make sense of Thomas returning to Forrester. Hope pointed out that she’d considered this option earlier, only to be shut down by Steffy. In response, Steffy said the wounds way back then were too fresh… you know, a week or so ago. Steffy went on to say that Thomas had made “changes for the better”… yet we’ve seen no actual evidence of that. Far as I know, he’s still couch surfing. Heck, maybe Steffy’s argument would have made more sense had we had a couple scenes in which Paris came to her and said, “You have no idea how much he’s changed, and how hard he’s working to impress you.”

Random Thoughts

• Maybe I missed something, but when did Li start working at the same hospital as Finn? When he and Steffy were shot, they were taken to two different hospitals. Li was working in the emergency room of the facility to which Finn was taken, which is why she was able to smuggle him out.

• Why is everyone worried about how Beth will react to Douglas not being around, especially given that he’s only been at Steffy’s for a day or two. Douglas has pretty routinely spent time away from home.

Paris, Quinn, Zoe, Carter collage B&B

• It was nice that they acknowledged Lawrence Saint-Victor’s anniversary with the show, but those flashbacks would have been a lot more interesting if we’d seen him with Quinn, Maya, Zoe. Wait, is dating Carter the kiss of death? Do we need to worry about Heather Tom’s Katie?

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