Get Ready, Bold & Beautiful Viewers (and Ridge), ‘Cause Here Comes ‘Braylor’

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There are two things pretty much all Bold & Beautiful fans agree on these days: Douglas is the most adorable kid ever, and it’s time for the show to reveal what’s really going on with Bill. Nearly everything else — including the Brooke/Taylor friendship and the new guy in the blonde’s life — has people taking sides.  

Sorry, Hollis!

Truth be told, I had an entirely different column written… and then came Friday’s episode. Hollis and Brooke’s date was cute and felt very real. They were getting to know one another, with nice little references to her having a degree in chemistry and being the inventor of the BeLieF formula. They had a far better connection than I’d imagined, and their kiss was pretty darn sexy. But then she friendzoned the guy and sent him packing.

Hollis Brooke B&B

Meanwhile, down at the cottage, Liam and Hope (the latter of whom I swear was tipsy!) were chatting about Brooke’s love life. “My mom should be with someone who understands her, who connects with her,” suggested Hope. Liam pointed out that the front runners — Ridge, Bill and Deacon — weren’t really available right now (although frankly, that made little sense given that Deacon’s feelings for Sheila are a secret and Ridge is definitely single, far as we know).

“If none of them are options, then who?” asked Hope. “Who might be a good match for my mom. Somebody that she already has a bond with… “

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Cut to Brooke and Taylor, sitting on the couch talking about the fact that dating sucks and they didn’t want to be alone. “I don’t want to take the time to get to know somebody,” admitted Brooke. Taylor suggested they were at the point in their lives where they wanted to skip the “getting to know you phase and be with someone who knows exactly who we are and likes us anyway.”

By episode’s end, the gals were hugging and planning movie night, and I was thinking, “Man, all those people who took us to task — some quite nastily — for suggesting Brooke and Taylor are heading for a romance might wanna brace themselves… “

Sense and Nonsense

It probably won’t surprise you to know that, because I have this awesome job, I usually know a bit more about future plots than do people who don’t have my awesome job. Sometimes, that makes it a little easier to understand why something’s happening on screen. But I fully admit that’s not the case where the Bill/Sheila relationship is concerned.

Bill Sheila B&B

This week, Bill became determined to help Sheila bond with Finn and, by extension, Steffy. And here’s what I don’t get: No matter what else is going on with Bill, why would he actively work to put Steffy in the literal line of fire? This is a woman he once loved deeply — and one whom many still believe to be his soulmate. Yet here he is, knowing Sheila nearly killed Steffy, and still trying to force the two women into a relationship.

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I don’t get it. And none of the various theories floating around out there help to explain Bill’s behavior. For example, if Sheila were hypnotizing or brainwashing Bill somehow — as many have suggested — she wouldn’t be surprised by his decision to reunite her with Finn. Sure, I suppose she could also have planted in his head the notion that this was all his idea but… come on, does this show really seem capable of something that complicated?

Family Matters

Meanwhile, because characters on this show can’t actually keep two thoughts in their head at the same time, Bill is obsessing over Sheila’s relationship with her son while completely forgetting about his own. Yes, yes, Bill has decided that Sheila is all he needs, but wouldn’t it be nice to see him missing Liam, Wyatt and Will? He and Sheila could go out to dinner at Il Giardino, and while she’s making googly-eyes at Deacon, her beau/protector could spot his sons across the way, dining with their wives, and wistfully flashback on some of the laughs they’d shared in the past.

Bill Liam Wyatt restaurant B&B

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And why isn’t Liam taking a break from endlessly discussing Douglas’ new living arrangements to mention his dad shacking up with the town pariah? “I know how you feel when it comes to missing Douglas,” he might tell Hope. “I feel that way about my dad. He’s just across town, but he might as well be living on his yacht there’s so much distance between us.”

Fun fact: People can think about two things at once. Even Bold & Beautiful characters.

Sibling Rivalry

I was sort of shocked by the scenes in which Thomas vowed to become the father that Douglas deserved. Given the way he’s been written over the past year or so, I sort of expected him to go off the deep end, maybe even plot with Sheila in order to come between Steffy and Finn. That would clear the way (in their minds) for each of them to grow closer to their respective sons.

Finn Li B&B

It was nice to see Li again, although her only purpose was to talk to Finn about the importance of keeping Sheila out of their lives. Why? Because, as always, these were cutaways to Bill promising he’d help Sheila worm her way back into Finn’s good graces. It’s as if the show thinks we won’t actually understand what’s happening unless two sets of actors are used to set every single plot point, bit or small, into motion.

Random Thoughts

• What is Hope for the Future supposed to represent? The fashions we’ve seen of late are nothing like those presented when first the line was launched. In fact, they look much more like typical Forrester Creations gowns than something aimed at the youth market.

Thomas, Zende, Paris apartment B&B

• It’s so strange to me that we have Zende, Paris and Thomas all on the canvas, yet the show isn’t playing a triangle with the trio. Not only because this show loves nothing more than triangles, but because it would actually make sense, given that both guys were into her in the not-so-distant past. Shouldn’t Zende be jealous of Thomas living with Paris?

• Ridge’s absence remains a huge, gaping plot hole. Sheila’s on the loose, things are a mess at Forrester Creations, Thomas is trying to force his way back into the company, Brooke’s dating a much younger man… shouldn’t Ridge be weighing in on some of this? Instead, he’s barely mentioned, as if nobody expects him to be there when the family needs him. Then again, this is Ridge we’re talking about, so maybe that’s what they’ve become accustomed to…

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