Wait, Did Bold & Beautiful Just Turn *Sheila* Into Their Romantic Heroine? Plus, Why Douglas’ Choice Makes Sense

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It was a weird week on Bold & Beautiful, what with Sheila playing lady of the manor while entertaining a gentleman caller, Deacon doing something downright brazen, and Douglas pulling the ultimate rabbit out of his hat. We’ve got a lot to discuss, so let’s dive in. 

Make Yourself At Home

Riddle me this: Of all the restaurants in Los Angeles, why did Sheila opt to order from Il Giardino? Guess Deacon’s endless efforts to perfect that pizza have really paid off. In any case, once Deacon showed up on her doorstep (wonder if he delivers in 30 minutes or less?), she invited him to hang out, have a beer, join her in a little nosh.

Bold Beautiful sheila deacon bill's house

Yes, she explained that Bill was at work on a very important call, but come on. Would Sheila really risk everything — including her freedom — by inviting a guy Bill hates to hang out in his living room? No way. Wouldn’t it have made way more sense for her to meet Deacon somewhere? If nothing else, she’d want to take advantage of her recently-regained freedom by getting out of the house. Plus, she clearly expected Bill home soon, as she took out two wine glasses and set them on the table before Deacon had arrived.

But as she and Deacon sat there flirting up a storm, each just barely concealing their true feelings, it hit me like a ton of bricks: Sheila Friggin’ Carter is in the middle of a love triangle. Not only that, but she’s being played in these scenes not as a woman with a criminal history longer than Brooke’s list of exes, but as a heroine torn between the new life she’s been given and the man whom maybe, just maybe, she truly loves.

Bill Sheila B&B

In a way, this makes perfect sense. No soap loves triangles more than Bold & Beautiful. But I’ll admit that I never, ever imagined we’d see Sheila at the center of one!

What’s Really Going On

You can cancel Jessica Fletcher’s train ticket from Cabot Cove to Los Angeles, because, I’m about to solve a crime that hasn’t even been committed yet.

Angela Lansbury jessica fletcher murder she wrote

Despite the playful music cue the show used when Deacon decided to pocket one of Bill’s expensive chess pieces, I suspect there was more going on there than met the eye. In fact, that single action might well have explained Deacon’s entire visit.

Bold Beautiful B&B deacon steals chess knight

As I said before Sheila letting Deacon hang out at Bill’s home makes absolutely zero sense. But on a show that loves nothing more than plot-point driven tales, I’m betting the only reason for that impromptu food delivery was so that Deacon could playfully swipe the knight… which will later turn up at a crime scene, thus incriminating Bill… or perhaps Sheila, who later picked it up (fingerprints!) while visiting Deacon.

Say What?

I’ll admit that I’m not a lawyer, although over the years, I have watched more hours of Law & Order than any attorney spent studying for the bar. That said, I’m pretty sure you can’t just casually hand someone papers saying, “Oh, by the way, tomorrow morning we’re meeting with a judge and the kid we both love will tell everyone who he wants to live with.”

Thomas Hope Liam B&B

Exsqueeze me?

But that’s what Thomas did. And full props to Liam and Hope, who took the unexpected development pretty well. But the minute Thomas asked his sister to be a “witness,” I realized exactly what Douglas’ decision would be. And it makes sense. He didn’t want to disappoint either parent, so why not move in with Steffy and let both Hope and Thomas come visit him?

The only problem here? The last thing Steffy and Finn need is a third kid under their roof. Already, they spend too much time recapping what’s going on in the main stories instead of having one of their own. I know you probably think they have story, what with Sheila and all, but in reality, all they do is talk about Sheila as opposed to actually being a driving force in that story.

Sleeping Beauty

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the Taylor/Brooke stuff this week. The minute Taylor wrote in her journal that she had to “end it all,” I knew exactly where we were going. But it was as if the show didn’t want to fully commit to what might be seen as a tacky/controversial moment. So not only was it clear that Taylor took only one pill, but when Brooke later picked up the bottle, it was obviously full.

B&B bold beautiful taylor brooke bed

Brooke then ran into the bedroom to shout at/slap/throw water on Taylor, and the whole thing went from big drama to small laughs instantly. Maybe it was just me, but using “did she or didn’t she kill herself?” as a cliffhanger felt a little cringe.

Random Thoughts

• Anybody else digging Sheila’s new wardrobe? I’m not sure when she and Bill went shopping, but suddenly, the loon is the best dressed woman in Los Angeles.

• I loved that Hope’s response to Thomas’ suggestion that Douglas come live with him was to point out, “You don’t own a house!” And it’s true… Thomas has essentially been couch surfing for the past year or so!

• Brooke and Taylor moving in together is a fun idea. But I’m gonna need them to stop with the whole “My friend Brooke” followed by “My friend Taylor” exchanges.

Which of your favorite Bold & Beautiful couples are headed for Splitsville? And what pairs from other soaps will join them? Find out in the gallery below… 


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