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Deconstructing B&B: Wyatt Is a Wildcard As Spencer Drama Plays Out

September 25 - 29

The drama continued surrounding Liam ousting Bill from Spencer Publications, as a few more characters came into the loop, and Brooke left Bill, which set him that much closer to ‘nothing left to lose’. Yike. Thoughts:

Partner swaps.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Brooke’s reaction to Bill’s transgression seemed over-the-top, and her abrupt termination of the marriage, along with her creepy son, RJ, and the gang moving her stuff back to her house, practically gave us whiplash. Obviously Brad Bell wanted that union ‘done and dusted’ in short order to clear the way for Bill’s ultimate revenge on Liam – taking Steffy for himself. It’s like a “B&B” tradition, isn’t it? Keeping it in the family? Oy. Anyway, Steffy, disillusioned with the new unwavering, blackmailing version of her husband, is playing into Bill’s hands, however unintentionally. It’s all very ‘writing on the wall’ for me, as there’s truly no reason Steffy’s scales would be tipping so heavily in favor of Bill over Liam in this scenario, and Liam continuously doling out ‘gifts’ to Sally will probably be what drives a sufficient wedge between him and Steffy for her to leave or stray. Switching gears back to Brooke, she (and Eric!) have both decided to make nice with Ridge…again, rather convenient timing. Oh, you just have to laugh…or cringe, hehe.

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Despicable mini-me?
The other element that came into play this week was Katie and Wyatt learning of Bill’s crime. Katie’s reaction was sufficiently melodramatic that it was surprising she didn’t make a beeline straight to her ex-husband’s place and threaten to keep Will away from him and his evil influence. Instead, she emotionally let Wyatt know what the deal was, and he was the one to go confront Bill. Not surprisingly, Wyatt remained loyal to his father and joined in on the campaign to convince Liam to ‘delete the recording’. Even after Liam filled his brother in on Bill’s lie about Caroline, the wheedling continued. Liam, satisfyingly, called Wyatt out for working overtime trying to be Bill’s ‘mini-me’ (love this version of Liam) and made a bid for his brother to join him for the ‘new era’ at Spencer. Weasel-y Wyatt wants no part of it, but I could see Bill talking him into signing on, and then working to sabotage Liam. Of course, the wildcard here is what will happen when Bill finds out about Wyatt and Katie…could be a game-changer. Fun! Fans weighed in on the idea of Wyatt teaming with Liam:

Big Thorne Forrester recast.
In unexpected “B&B” news this week, it was announced that Ingo Rademacher will replace Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester. Harmon shared the information via social media, and was gracious in wishing his successor the best of luck in the role. Rademacher, of course, has played the popular character, Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks on “General Hospital” off and on since 1996. As both men are strong actors and similar in age and appearance, the news took fans by surprise and left many wondering why the change was made. In these situations there are sometimes ‘behind-the-scenes’ reasons, but in most cases it’s the desire to go in a new direction with the character…they could be bringing Thorne back to Los Angeles to be more ruthless, to have a different dynamic with his brother, Ridge, or one of the female characters, or even to come out of the closet as gay. Who knows? I’m a fan of both actors, so felt dismayed to see Harmon replaced, yet excited to see what Rademacher will bring to the role, as well as to see what’s in store for the character. Let know how you feel about the recast by voting in the poll:

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– Candace Young


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