Bold & Beautiful’s Brainwashed Bill Is About to Go Beyond the Point of No Return — Plus, Will *This* Eligible Business Owner Land Brooke… or Taylor?

January 9 - 13

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Candace here, filling in for Richard who is on a cruise. Well, it’s been another crazy week on Bold & Beautiful. I’m of the mind that Sheila should have been ‘rested’ when she escaped from jail and disappeared for a while, but there’s no denying there’s drama in the way they’ve taken her story. Sure didn’t have Bill and Sheila on my 2023 bingo card! Let’s look at what happened the past five days and what’s ahead.


It was very “soap opera” to have Taylor burst through the door of the cliff house crowing about Sheila’s arrest and her bright, beautiful future right as Steffy and Finn were wrestling with Bill’s threat to put her behind bars. Of course, there was no question in viewers’ minds that Steffy and Finn would keep quiet at Sheila’s hearing. Further, the loose end of Li potentially pressing charges was tied up by Bill threatening her medical license. This made the hearing and its outcome predictable. The twist of Sheila getting off on all charges because Bill engineered testimony from Mike that he “forced” her to leave the jail with him was ridiculous, but I did relish Steffy screaming at Bill after the fact. “I hate you!” she hollered. Which is a big deal considering their past connection. But not big enough to bring Bill to his senses it seems.

Bad News

When Deacon reappeared on Tuesday, my first thought was that he and Bill butting heads over Sheila is a possibility. Bill wouldn’t be too pleased if he knew they were lovers — he loathes Hope’s dad to begin without having jealousy brought into the picture. Should he find out Deacon harbored Sheila when she was a fugitive — while on probation — well, it could spell bad news for Sharpe. I really hope they won’t go this route, however, as I’m looking forward to Deacon as proprietor of Il Giardino. Might Hope’s dream of her parents getting back together become a reality thanks to her dad’s elevation in status as a business owner? If not Brooke, then he might catch Taylor’s eye — they once flirted up a storm in her office if you’ll recall.

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It may not be a popular take, but I don’t mind the idea of Brooke and Taylor being friends. Their epiphany made enough sense at the time for me to buy into it. What I dislike is the over-the-top treatment they’re giving it. If they tone it down and keep them on the same side it could drive entirely different stories for them moving forward, which is sorely needed on this show. Some find it unbelievable and want them to revert to being enemies, but I’ve no interest in seeing them go back to fighting over Ridge or any other man for that matter. At least not anytime soon. Let’s try something different and have them support one another as they delve into new relationships with their fresh perspective. It’s Bold & Beautiful so there’s still gonna be drama.


In trying to figure out what’s going on with Bill, it first seemed a good bet that Sheila was drugging him. After all, she did it to Stephanie when she replaced her calcium carbonate with mercury, and to Lauren on Young & Restless — using her necklace no less — which would tie into Bill putting the sword back on. But it’s hard to say for sure at this point. I’m sure they’ll eventually come out with an explanation that gets Bill off the hook, but not before he actually has sex with the madwoman. Yep, they’re going there. Prepare for lots of Wyatt and Liam hysterics, folks.

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Weirdly, or perhaps not-so-weirdly as it’s Bold & Beautiful we’re discussing, there is no other storyline aside from the Bill and Sheila circus. We get snippets of Carter half-dressed and kissing Katie, and of Taylor and Brooke bonding, but otherwise, nada. Here’s hoping Thomas is off somewhere planning his comeback or that the new characters Bell teased are headed our way soon.

I’ll leave you with my fave Friday moment:

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